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It is always great to see professionals and stars in various fields getting involved, participating or starting up initiatives that are meant to make their respective industries much better. In fact, a lot of progress in the fields of skill-based games such as poker and competitive video games has been through such activities. A number of other fields have benefited from similar initiatives as well but it goes without saying that the aforementioned verticals are by far some of the most conducive and therefore accommodating for both the legendary players as well as the newer generation.

That said, there are tons of projects and initiatives that we could list here and attribute them to various individuals. After all, they are all deserving of praise and recognition. However, for this one, we are going to have a brief look at some of the latest contributors to the worlds of poker and esports.

Dominik Nitsche’s DTO Poker

With over $18 million in live tournament winnings, Dominik Nitsche is without a doubt one of the greatest and most successful poker players in Germany. The poker pro has made a name for himself not just for nabbing some of the most outstanding victories in the world of poker but also because he doubles up as an ambassador for 888poker, one of the world’s top poker operators.

Now, the German poker pro is getting ready to unveil his new poker training site that is being called “DTO Poker”. So, if you are the kind of player that is hoping to emulate the poker star then you are in luck since the poker training site is going to be spearheaded by Nitsche himself and this means that players will have a front-row seat to his preparation process for poker tournaments. To make it even better, the poker training site will also be mobile friendly which makes the training site a portable companion for anyone who is practicing o hoping to be just as good at poker as Dominik.

Jimmy Fricke’s Higher Level Gaming

Jimmy Fricke, another high-profile figure in the world of poker has, on the other hand, opted to take a different path altogether. In his career, the poker pro has earned over $1.6 million playing live tournaments including the Bellagio Cup as well as the 2007 Aussie Million Main Event, for which he pocketed close to $800,000 for his famous runner-up finish to Gas Hansen.

These days Frickle has stepped away from the live tournament scene and has instead opted to create an esports online training platform that hobnobs off the online poker training model. Pretty creative and impressive, right?

The esports training site launched back on May 1 with players being offered a free trial – for those willing spend some money on the value and information they obtained from the site, they would need to part with $9.99 every month. If you are an aspiring professional esports gamer, this is totally worth it.