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During its three- year history Delaware’s online gaming sector has been criticized a lot but has now finally began to bloom.

Compared to August a year ago, the revenue for this month showed a increase of 54 percent. After earning a combined $281,000 by the state’s three licensed sites in June, $244,387 is another record-breaking month.

With just one million inhabitants, the tiny state of Delaware bodes well. The revenue is supposed to fall in the summer months, but this record-breaking month is opposed to that seasonal trend.

With a net revenue up 65 percent to $130,501, Delaware Park is the casino market leader in the state. Especially in the sectors of video lottery products and table games, an enormous grown has been seen.

Trouble in the Online Poker Industry

Due to the limits of its population, online poker still struggles as the states lacks essential liquidity. In contrast, land-based casino revenue is on the rise. Revenue from online poker declined with seven percent to just $29,155.

“ NV, which shares online poker traffic with Delaware on the 888 platform, has a seven-day average of just 150 players across both states, according to industry number-cruncher”.

Since UltimatePoker left the market in 2014, the Nevada Gaming Control Board did not have to provide financial coverage. In order for the Control Board to issue financial updates, at least three operators have to be active.

Market in New Jersey on the Rise

With strong numbers in August, New Jersey followed upon the record in July. For the first consecutive month the $16 million barrier has been broken by New Jersey. The State’s Divison of Gaming Enforcement showed released the figures last week.

The record in July of $17.4 million was almost reached again with $16.1 million in August.

With a 10 percent increase year-on-year, online poker revenues for New Jersey were $2.2 million.

Ahead of and Borgata/PartyPoker, the online poker market is still lead by PokerStars with revenues of $861,150.