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Because he wasn’t afraid to speak his mind, Mike Matusow was nicknamed “The Mouth”. By being the most vocal poker player at any table, he got the nickname years ago. With fellow pro Matt Glantz, he’s probably the most obsessed Donald Trump supporter on Poker Twitter during this election season.

Following Monday’s presidential debate, Matusow took his support to another level. Matusow claims that there has been a cover up of the alleged fact that Hillary Clinton cheated as the Democratic nominee. Mike Cernovich, a documentary filmmaker, fueled the conspiracy theory of the World Series of Poker bracelet holder.

“Curious. Do the poker pros like @themouthmatusow see this as a “signal” to moderator Lester Holt,” Cernovich asked, referring to a video which may or may not indicate Clinton making hand gestures towards the debate moderator.”

Matusow responded:

“Wow Ive watched the debates 3 times and never noticed!! I felt the whole time she had the questions but after watching that i she def signals”.

Photo from Reuters shows Earpiece

In his conspiracy theory, Matusow believed that Clinton had the help of Holt during the debate. Needless to say, Hillary Clinton and her campaign team did not react to the allegations.


“Cernovich then advised his followers that a poker pro agreed with his conspiracy theory. His pro-Trump audience called Hillary a “cheater,” among other less savory epithets. Of course, Cernovich failed to tell his followers that Matusow’s reads aren’t always spot on. For instance, he once folded pocket kings pre-flop to Hellmuth’s 2-7 because he was certain he was up against aces in a High Stakes Poker episode.”

We leave it up for the viewers to determine if there appears to be some sort of ear device, as shown on the photo from Reuters.

On the other side, Daniel Negreanu “Kid Poker” is confidently stating that Mrs. Clinton was the clear winner of the debate.

Earlier this week Vanessa Selbst had a heated poker Twitter exchange with Doyle Brunson on Clinton v. Trump as well. One thing’s for sure: poker pros won’t stop until election day on November 8.