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If you’re easily set off then Tudd Brunson warns you with a caveat on his Twitter feed:

“Please don’t follow me if you are easily offended by silly racial or sexist humor”.

Depending upon which side of the media fence you happen to sit, Todd Brunson and Daniel Negreanu themsleves shared a series of Tweets that at the very least could have been interpreted as in poor taste.

Negreanu apparently greeted the younger Brunson at the Bellagio with a Nazi salute as we’re reading through Brunson’s Twitter feed for today:

“I just walked in Bobby’s Room and @RealKidPoker stood up and gave me a Nazi salute. I always knew he was at the very least a Nazi sympathizer”, Brunson tweeted.

Well, haters or anyone in particular might even report an innocent hello wave to the upper deck as a “Nazi salute”.

Bad Taste or Elaborate Joke?

Although pictorial evidence does confirm Brunson’s story, it’s also known that he likes to play with his dry sense of humor aimed at his peers and followers.

In a more lighthearted manner, Negreanu responded as following:

“@ToddBrunson hail Doyle Brunson’s son!!!!”.

“Both Negreanu and Brunson have strong political views, albeit on opposite sides of the political spectrum. Negreanu is infamously anti- Donald Trump, while Todd Brunson supports the billionaire businessman in his bid for the presidency.”

Negreanu’s gesture took us back to Ingraham’s raising of her right arm in what appeared to be a combination of a point and a wave after she signed off with a rousing call to vote for Donald Trump, at the Republicn National Convention (RNC). Democrats were quick to suggest that Ingraham was making a Nazi salute.

For those who appear to support Negreanu, there’s a good chance that his salute was a satirical jab to those supporters, as Negreanu made his dislike for Republican nominee Trump crystal clear on Twitter.

In what appears to be the craziest US presidential election ever, this is just another day.