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The Global Poker League will compensate its players for participating in the event. They announced recently their draft player compensation packages. Any player on each of the 12 GPL teams will receive benefit packages. In the same way that pro teams and sports franchises compensate their players.

On February 25th in Los Angeles teams will be able to choose their players; this draft process will take place at a special ceremony. The Global Poker League has been busy trying to zero in on a pool of eligible pro players.

Top 1,000 Pool

A recent GPL statement revealed that all players that were ranked in the Global Poker Index top 1,000 by the end of last year will be eligible.

To show their interest in the GPL draft, all top 1,000 players will have to fill out an application form. Top 1,000 players that filled out the form are eligible. If their names are called during the ceremony on February 25th, they are in.

The managers of each team will be able to use the GPI’s stats to make an informed choice. After accessing the credentials, the best players according to the team managers will be chosen and the other applicants will be left on the bench.

During the draft event, each franchise manager will choose three players from the pool. At a later date, a wildcard player will also be chosen.

To make sure all team managers will have a fair shot when choosing their top players, there will be a random draw before the start of every round.

Innovative Concept

All GPL players will receive money regardless of results. GPL has a “zero buy-in structure”.

According to the GPL website this is a list of the benefit package players will earn:

‘’– Salary: $100 per hour with a minimum hours played guarantee for Season 1 at 35-50 hours

– Purse Prize: 20% share of $100,000 winner’s purse (or more) for Season 1 GPL Championship team

-Most Valuable Player: Eligibility for End-of-season MVP award/ bonus

-25% Team revenue share:

Income from merchandising
Revenue from licensing agreements
Revenue from Sponsors

-Expenses paid for travel for live GPL events”

In return players must commit to the GLP schedule; player’s image can be use by GPL for media purpose, players must wear any branding or logo associated with the GPL and they also must commit to the GPL draft for two seasons.

Even though GPL’s plans are audacious, it is probably very attractive for many tournament players out there. This new concept is in fact very intriguing and it could mean a shift in the way poker tournaments are organized in the future.