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Poker is taking the digital frontier by storm. The latest developments have come from the Gaming Innovation Group who have expanded their B2B assets by adding a freshly-minted poke client. And here’s what we know about it.

New Poker Platform Arrives in Q1 2019

Gaming Innovation Group, a company that has invested a fair bit in gambling operations as the name may suggest, has decided to add its first external poker portal to the wide array of products it owns. The fresh initiative has been done in collaboration with OneTimePoker and it will be introduced in the first quarter of 2019.

This has also been the first time that GIG has ventured beyond its own company to partner with a third-party poker provider. The deal also features an agreement with Microgaming Poker Network (MPN) which will allow B2B clients to benefit from the new offer owing to GiG’s Core tech platform.

GiG Executive Robin Reed has commented on the deal with OneTimePoker, saying that the company was excited about potential future expansions that will continue well throughout 2019 and the rate of the development will be adjusted to the current market demands.

GIG – A Powerhouse by Itself

GiG has definitely not been an idle player in the vast and intricate world of the gambling industry itself. The company has done quite well in developing authentic products, such as Betspin and Guts which have carried on well enough. While GiG kept things pretty close to the chest, it started adding external clients back in 2015. Today, it has signed over 40 bands, making it one of the quickest-developing platforms. Their number is slightly lower today, but the majority of signees has stayed on.

GiG has been expanding and breaching the gap between different companies quite well, most recently by adding instant registration and payment options to Play’n GO users. The technical solution is the works of Trustly Group AB, a Swedish financial tech company that has brought a lot of innovation to the gambling sector.

The latest partnership with OneTimePoker is just the tip of the iceberg. GiG has previously reached out and agreed upon a deal with Hard Rock Casino in New Jersey to help it roll out a fresh platform for the famed brand.

GiG has demonstrated, time and again, that there’s life for it beyond poker developing a range of top-notch products for the specific purposes of diversifying its portfolio. If poker partnerships have been its latest adventure, the company has also been equally keeping up to date with sports betting & casinos.

The Fight for Online Poker

Poker needs to be developed according to the highest standards of the industry. The fact that a number of companies are now working on exclusive online versions of poker is indicative enough of the commitment and expected growth of the game. While regulatory hurdles still persist and continue to be a problem, the climate for online poker and its offline counterpart is much milder and the buzz is gradually seeping through and affecting other places as well. GiG is right to continue and add external clients.