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The statistics from the 47th annual summer series suggest that poker is alive. All the naysayers with “poker is dead” can be glad with the numbers of the 2016 World Series of Poker.

In the history of the World Series of Poker, after 69 bracelet events, a new record for most entrants is set. With more than $220,000,000 in total prize money and 107,833 entries over all the events, the numbers were off the charge. As the final table will be played on Oct.30 at the Rio in Las Vegas when the October Nine finds place not all numbers are included yet.

“The WSOP also set a record for total number of players paid out this year. A final tally of 15,767 poker players walked on over to the payout line at the Rio to collect their cashes. Part of the reason for an increase in the number of players cashing had to do with the tournaments paying a higher percentage of players this year. But it was also the results of more people signing up for more events than ever have in the past.”

With an average of 1,563 entries per tournament a 47-year record was broken with this summer series. Where live play and a boatload of money is concerned, there is still plenty of life in the old girl as the 2016 WSOP numbers suggest.

Representation Globally

Even though the event takes place in the United States, the World Series of Poker is far from just an American event.

Players from five different nations will together make up the final table on ESPN in October.

Although none of the countries came close to the 84,027 entries of the United States, there were 107 other countries represented in Las Vegas. With 4,388 and 4,586 entries, respectively the UK and Canada were well-represented.

France (1,293), Russia (1,280), Germany (1,169) and Brazil (970) were other countries delivered players to the tables in large amounts.

Bracelet Winners 

By nearly scoring a third bracelet Jason Mercier was the star player at this year’s WSOP.

Although he did ran away with the Player of the Year- award, Ian Johns and Benny Glaser also won two WSOP bracelets.

Low Attendance Rate for Ladies

Overall the WSOP was a rousing success, but this didn’t reflect on the poor entries number among women (5,522- 5.12 percent).

However, from a statistics standpoint there isn’t much to say as this year’s WSOP has been good, better, best.

The future of the poker game simply is very bright based on the above stats of the 2016 World Series of Poker that has now come to an end.