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Back and feeling better than ever; PokerPro Matt Marafioti returned after he was reported missing in June by fellow poker pro Randy Dorfman.

In a series of tweets the high stakes poker pro had allegedly gone missing after playing a handful of poker events at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in Las Vegas.

Dorfman tweeted:

‘If anyone has seen Matt Marafioti please contact me. Has not been heard from since June & family is extremely worried. Plz rtwt’.

For everyone but his friends and family, the issue went cold after a series of retweets and possible sightings.

Return is Remarkable

The man himself popped up on YouTube and this fortunately happened before the trail back to Marafioti could go cold. He’d simply received a $65,000 advance on the sale of his house as he explained via a video on his personal account.

A vacation is simply what Marafioti needed to get away from things.

‘I’m enjoying summer with friends, having fun. We went on a camping trip for a couple of weeks and it was really enjoyable’. Marafioti said.

However, he couldn’t help it to take a few shots at his peers, like Dorfman, as temperamental as he is.

Escape the One-Sided Poker World

The high-stakes poker player said he was happy to get away from things while addressing some of the comments he’d received during his time in Vegas.

In his YouTube video he said the following about the poker community:

‘I find the poker community to be a very seedy, one-sided community’.

Given the fact that Dorfman was the one calling out to the community in the search for Marafioti, it was strange that he went on to call the poker pro a ‘Jewish Monster’ and not even a remote friend. For the ones that claimed that Marafioti had a mental illness, he stated that there were people who rather see him in a mental home.

All that is important now is that he’s alive and well. In the upside-down video below, you can hear the poker player’s full explanation: