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Following a deafening wave of silence from the former Tull Tilt board member, Daniel Negreanu believes Chris Ferguson doesn’t give a damn about the poker community. Until this year, Ferguson, aka Jesus, has been a notable by his absence where he once was a familiar figure at the WSOP.

Ferguson now made himself at home in multiple WSOP events after he has risen from the ashes like a phoenix, five years after Black Friday and the unraveling of Tull Tilt.

To the frustration of many, Ferguson has actually performed extremely well in the WSOP events he entered, which is a slap in the face for many.

Making Money Over Fans

This summer Ferguson has already made eight times the money he made going back to 2010 at his last cash win. He even took home $183,989 in the $10K Six-Handed NL where he managed to place fourth.

It appears however that Ferguson knows how to dig himself a deeper hole with each deep run he manages. Among the players that got irritated by Ferguson was Negreanu as Ferguson refused to respond to questions about his time at Full Tilt.

When it comes to controversial matters, Negreanu doesn’t hold his tongue and told PokerNews it’s a slap in the face for players that Ferguson lacks ownership.

‘This guy Chris, he just shows up and it’s like f**k you guys, I don’t even need to do nothing. Be a man and take responsibility’.

Ferguson just made clear he is there to play poker, as for his part.

Inevitable Confrontation

It’s clear that Ferguson doesn’t want to get drawn into a debate over his time at Full Tilt since any legal issues have already been dealt with, but many still see it as a weak cop-out. This is however not good enough for Negreanu. If they cross paths at a table, Negreanu will confront Ferguson and so defend the average poker player.

‘I can’t wait to get him at my table. Put us together at the Main Event feature table and we’ll see what happens there’.

Make it happen, we can’t wait either!