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The right to name his first child and a $142.972 price is what seasoned poker pro Kyle Julius won after beating 667 entries in the $1,000 Top-Up Turbo WSOP Event.

Please do not think a price of $142.972 is normal for a second place in a World Series of Poker tournament.

In July Julius’ fiancé is expecting a baby.

‘We’ve been arguing about names and my fiancé was like ‘OK, how about this: if you go out and win a bracelet you can name the kid’, according to Julius.

‘We’ll stil make the decision together but I think I have a little more say now. It’s pretty cool’.

Julius’ first-ever live win poker bracelet

Although he is no stranger to tournaments with over $3m as he has been participating in live tournaments since 2009, it is how ever his first ever WSOP gold bracelet.

It’s certainly some validation as he has been close friends with Jason Mercier, another poker circuit superstar. Julius, himself, is from Naperville, IL.

‘It feels great because this is actually my first-ever live win and for it to be a bracelet is pretty cool’.

‘Obviously this is one of the smaller events of the summer but to win the second tournament of the summer…it feels pretty unbelievable’.

He mounted an unlikely comeback after being down against a few big blinds on Day 1 of the event.

‘I’ve been playing for so long and I’ve seen so many people go from no-chips to winning tournaments that it’s just a matter of keeping things in perspective’.

‘When you get short everyone has that mindset where you want to chase and get back to where you were but that’s not where your head should be. Just pick the right spots and make the best decision you can’.

With more than 60 bracelets set to be awarded, Julius has a few more good shots at adding another one to his bracelet haul.