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With the poker madness in Malta wrapping up, the Main Event has found itself a winner – enter Emanuele Onnis.

The Grand Event Concludes, Onnis Wins

Emmanuel Onnis from Italy managed to secure a victory at the €550 Grand Event, part of the Malta Poker Festival. Onnis managed to pull a respectable feat overcoming nearly 1,400 people in his march to victory and finally secured the coveted first place with the respectable prizing money worth €150,000, out of a total pool worth €662,000.

He had quite a few challenges to settle, including a face-off with Fabian Gumz, another towering player in the poker world. Onnis, on the other hand, had been a low-profile player whose most significant success was €5,800 from a live game.

However, talent in poker is always developing and it’s not surprising for a player who has kept a low profile to storm an event and walk away with a great deal of money out of it. Onnis’ achievement is even more impressive when considering his achievement against the likes of Nicolaj D’Antoni, Giovanni Salvatore, Borge Dypvik, and others.

Two nations seemed to dominate the final table with Italy and Norway fielding three competitors each. At the end, it was Onnis who walked with the bulk of the prize. Fabian Gumz from Germany managed to secure €85,000 in the end and fellow country man, Nicolaj D’Antoni, ended up third adding €50,000 to his live earnings.

Swedish player Henning Andre placed fourth for a total of €40,000 in live-long earning. He was followed by another Italian, Giovanni Salvatore, who himself secured €34,000. The rear was brought up by three Norwegian players, with Espen Uhlen Jorstad, Borge Dypvik, and Steven Iglesias securing €28,000, €20,600, and €14,710 respectively.

An Intense Action Until the Very End

The final table was indeed intense. Eight players were standing tall when the events began at 2:30 PM local time. What followed next was a spate of eliminations with one after another, the players being relegated out of the competition.

Dypvik lost to Gumz and Onnis faced off with Salvatore who lost against his opponent’s ace and king hand. Andre had been gaining traction at the table, but he also saw himself tossed out of the competition, with the event now focusing on Onnis and Gumz.

At the end, it was indeed these two players who remained standing. Gumz had the chip lead with a 3-1 ratio, allowing him to play rather more comfortably. However, this being poker, there was always the danger of Onnis quickly clawing back much of that to himself.

Onnis’ achieved quick success, overwhelming his opponent and establishing a chip lead. With successful cards, such as king and jack, Onnis stood tall and eventually managed to secure his dominance over Gumz who lost the last of his chips.

It was an intense several-hour action that saw stellar plays from Onnis. The cards also seemed to favor him and when he played his defeating hand, the audience reportedly started chanting “Italy!”.