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The Intercontinental Hotel saw an overwhelming crop of poker players flock down to Malta to participate in the MPN Poker Tour and the popular Battle of Malta Main Event. With hundreds, if not thousands, of competitors on-site, the event has proven a huge success so far.

MPN Poker Tour and Battle of Malta Main Poker Event

Hosts were wowed by the turn-up. Estimated 1,404 people joined in Day 1B and registrations were coming through until Level 10, when the organizers deemed it necessary to stop admitting more players in.

The number of registered users in the day was quite outstanding and it complemented the 451-odd people who decided to enrol in Day 1. This puts the number at 2100-odd players presently. However, registrations are far from over. With more action on the horizon, Malta may see yet another record that will soar past last year’s 2,070 entrants.

The tournament progressed at a fiery pace. We saw a lot of contenders drop out, and out of the 1,404 to commit money during Day 1, only 211 players managed to progress to Day 2. The pack was led by Jalulins Nikolajs with his 683,000 in chip count. However, the latest updates put Flaviano Cammisuli ahead of the pack. Mr. Cammisuli has managed to amass the impressive 808,000 in chip count and he is well-poised to make a splash.

With three days left in the race, everyone is excited to see who will top the field and emerge victorious. The competition’s highlight event is the Battle of Malta Main, which comes with a solid €550 buy-in. The tournament is now halfway through, ending on October 30, 2018.

The format is quite rewarding too. The hosts knew that people would be interested in re-joining in the event they lost, so the registrations remained opened until Level 10 of Day 1, offering everyone a chance to try and win back what they have just lost.

Battle of Malta – the Other Events

The Main Event certainly has its appeal, for sure, but the hosts haven’t overlooked the other interesting installments in the festival. In the charity sit-and-go tournament, the name of Paul Dux Holderness stood out from the crowd, as he managed to overwhelm the competitors and win this specific part of the festival.

With tickets sold at €10, the overall funds raised for charity through the sale of ticket was €2,400. The hosts, though, decided that a more appropriate sum would be €20,000, so they covered the difference.

The money was handled in a manner that highlighted transparency with Malta’s First Lady accepting the funds on the behalf of the charity. Malta has proven to be one of the hottest locations for the game with its pronounced international pull and good interconnectivity.

As the event draws closer to a conclusion, it’s evident that organizers will have an incentive to push it even further by providing bigger prize pools and invite more people for the 2019 event.

Meanwhile, we can all follow the action live by either visiting the Twitter feed or quickly dropping by the MPNPT blog where all the live updates will be posted. The Battle of Malta Main Event is set to return today at 13:00 local time.