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The GPL’s Twitch channel broadcasted live the order for the Global Poker League Draft on Tuesday, 16, afternoon.

Besides drafts order, Global Poker League announced that they decided to expand the number of players per franchise, now each franchise will be able to choose seven players.

Each manager will be able to choose four players from within the GPI Top 1,000 and two wild-card players, which don’t necessarily need to be in the GPI Top 1,000.

The draft order for each of the 12 franchises was determined at random.

Here you can see the order in each round



ROUNDS 1 & 3


ROUNDS 2 & 4 
1Rome EmperorsHong Kong Stars
2Montreal NationalsParis Aviators
3New York RoundersBerlin Bears
4San Franscisco RushLa Sunset
5Las Vegas MoneyMakersMoscow Wolverines
6São Paulo MetropolitansLondon Royals
7London RoyalsSão Paulo Metropolitans
8Moscow WolverinesLas Vegas MoneyMakers
9La SunsetSan Franscisco Rush
10Berlin BearsNew York Rounders
11Paris AviatorsMontreal Nationals
12Hong Kong StarsRome Emperors



The GPL Draft will have a snake draft format, which means that if a team is the first one to draft in Round 1; it will be the last one in Round 2. For example Rome Emperors will be the first team to draft in Round 1 and the last one in Round 2. The first one to pick will have to wait the longest to pick again. In this case Rome Emperors will have to wait 22 players be chosen, before they can choose again in round 2.

There will probably be many fallout points within four rounds.

The best draft position depends on how many players a team manager believes are clearly better than the rest.

For example, if eight players within the GPI Top 1,000 are without any doubt better than the rest , but equally good between each other, than it is preferable being one of the first eight to choose. However, if there are 15 players head and shoulders above the rest, it is preferable to be the 11th or 12th franchise to choose, in that way a manager can choose 2 players in the top tier.

The picks in Round 3 and Round 4 as well as the wild-card selection will depend mostly on managers individual preferences.

Managers will base their choice on many different factors. Factors such as nationality, team chemistry and players’ skills could come into play.

There are three factors that in my opinion each franchise manager will have to account for player’s skills, connection to the franchise and marketability.