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On Twitter, poker legend Doyle Brunson, posted a chilling story. According to Brunson, he was the target of a home robbery, but the robber went to a different house.

This is what Doyle posted on his Twitter:

“A police officer just left my house. There was a robbery a few doors from my house last night. The robber told the guy he knew he was a poker player and got him in his garage that was probably meant for me”

The 10-time bracelet winner said:

“Don’t these idiots know we leave our money at the casinos where we play?

He also warned:

“He told the victim his cut was supposed to be 700,000 WARNING… I carry a pistol with me at all times. When I come home I get out of my car with a gun in my hand.”

“I have all kinds of silent alarms, motion detectors, etc. Plus I’m 83-years-old, I’ve been good with guns all of my life and not going to be robbed again. 5 times in my life is enough! So any aspirations of trying had better be reconsidered!!!”

“The robber got about $500 from his victims and said he was going to kill his informants for giving him the wrong house.”

Even though no one was harmed during the robbery, it raises some concern in the poker community. High stakes pros are vulnerable to such situations as they often carry large sums of cash.

The lesson that Doyle teaches is to keep cash winnings safe at off-site locations, such as the Las Vegas casinos he mentioned. Over the course of his career, Doyle has given us many important lessons and that is another important one.

Other Attempt of Robbery

In 2004, Greg Raymer was robbed at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, just months after winning the WSOP Main Event. Greg took $150,000 from his safety deposit box up to his room and was followed by two men. He was threatened at gunpoint but refused to hand over his money.

The robbers had to ran off without the cash and got caught five months later in California.