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On Monday, the 2016 Irish Poker Open ended and Ireland’s own Daniel Wilson ended up in first place. Wilson gained approximately $168,000; a bit more or a bit less depending on the euro’s conversion rates to dollar in any given day.

In 2016 there were 802 entrants, a big increased from the 321 of 2015 and this was due to a reduction of the entry fee of $ $2,350 to $1,500.

Even though this tournament is the oldest one in Europe, it has seen over the years an alarming attendance decrease, that’s why prominent local players as O’Kearney asked for a change.

In 2015 O’Kearney wrote the following on his blog:

“It seems like the sponsors dropped the ball in the run-up to the Open and either got complacent or simply failed to recognize the many negative signs”.


As a response, organizers of the event dropped the buy-in this year and guaranteed a $560,000 prize pool.

The tournament started on March 24 at Dublin’s Citywest Hotel and the great and the good of the poker world attended, but on March 28 Michael Conaty was leading the Final Table.

Conaty stayed on the top for a while but Wilson stole the momentum.

Daniel Wilson

Wilson had over five million chips more than Conaty heading into the heads-up and he held himself strong in the back-and-forth battle.

After a classic Hold’em race, Wilson emerged as the victor.

Conaty had in his pocket nines and Wilson had Ac-Kc. The As- 5s- 2d of the flop and the two consecutive sixes of the turn and the flop gave the victory to Wilson.

Final Results:

1° Daniel Wilson – $167,920

2° Michael Conaty – $95,155

3° Tomas Soederstroem – $58,212

4° Vegard Ropstad – $40,861

5° David Costello – $31,905

6° Petr Vejmelka – $25,188

7° Brian Nolan – $20,150

8° Igor Arkhipov – $16,204

9° Micheal Rossiter – $13,602