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One of the world’s best-known faces of poker, Americas Cardroom (ACR), will be hosting a modest tournament on September 28 in Costa Rica. With the stakes not being so high, the website is preparing to entertain a handful of its customers to an exclusive quick competition over the weekend.

Targeting predominantly players from the United States, ACR has been one of the established names in the industry among offshore operators. Running through October 1, the event invites all competitors prepared to pay the entry fee of $5,250 to Costa Rica. While, the Costa Rica event will not be a record-breaking affairs, such as the WPT Barcelona, it’s still very much worth attending to.

Hitting Costa Rica for a Leisurely Weekend

ACR will open with the cage event, which will add up to 12 hours’ worth of competition. Split into four legs of the race with three-hour-blind-level each, we will see a total of 6 hours played on September 28 and six hours on the following day, September 29. The tournament will definitely not see a lot in the way of last-minute participation as no late admittance to the tournament would be permissible. If you bust, you won’t be able to dive back with a re-entry.

All players are asked and expected to play until they run out of chips – or better yet – crown themselves with the title. With the event coming up in one week, competitors will be happy to participate in it at the Toormina Hotel in San Jose.

The event will be commented by two notable casters, to name Justin Kelly and Kasey Mills. By following up with ACR’s Twitter, we have also found out that you may participate in the event if you manage to win in a $55 satellite event. Overall, three packages worth $8,000 are up for grabs there.

A Beast and Sit & Crush Cage Live satellite event is your chance of entering the fray and trying to top a field of like-minded competitors who have decided to make a quick buck over the weekend.

The Joy of Small-Time Competitions

Tournament hosts have been giving it their best shot to throw events that will draw a motley bunch of competitors from all over. Of course, ACR can hardly have the breadth that do major hosts such as the World Poker Tour (WPT) or the World Series of Poker (WSOP), the website has been handing out cushy cash prizes for a fair while now, helping individual players shine and gather momentum.

Naturally, ACR is an offshore operator, even though it caters to US players. A good question is whether one of the world’s largest card rooms will make any attempt to move inland, facing difficulties of varying range and also pay the necessary fees. This could facilitate its customers a great deal, given how simple it would become to use banking cards, which are currently difficult to choose as payment options with the majority of offshore websites.

Sooner or later the offshore industry will have to move inland or suffer the consequences thereof. In the meanwhile, make sure to check out the tournament details here!