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Far from the hubbub of the United States regulatory altercations over the legalization of gambling, Costa Rica is tipped to receive its latest $400-million casino property. The Casino City Caribe will arrive in Moín, an area that overlooks the Caribbean coast.

Construction work is slated to begin as early as 2019. The multi-purpose venue will take 8 years to complete and will emerge in its final glory in 2027, featuring a variety of facilities designed to accommodate the gambling appetites of an affluent audience.

The Makings of a Great Casino Resort

In its current form, the project features three different casinos and an equal number of hotels with a total number of 264 rooms. The latest amenities will adorn the lodgings that will seek to satisfy guests’ every need and cater to their comfort exclusively. Overall, guests will be able to pick from 219 apartments, two convention centres, and a business center, which will come handy for those who want to cram in a business meeting in the midst of their recreational getaway.

A spa and wellness center will also be available and a marina and heliport will accommodate various transportation methods, making the comings and goings of guests free of any hassle.

Development Kicks Off in Earnest

With its lax attitude towards online gambling and a generally favorable stance towards physical properties, Costa Rica is a preferred destination for new operators. While the Casino City Caribe is still in its development stage, the project has garnered all the necessary support and is ready to forge ahead.

Designed by a Vancouver-based studio Patti Rao Project, the layout of the resort has already been approved by Costa Rica’s Ministry of Environment along with the Costa Rica Tourism Board (CRTB), and the local government of Matina.

The project itself will unroll in several phases. First, the groundworks will have to be laid, creating 150 new jobs in the region. Later on, as work draws to completion, 1,500 total jobs will be created. Because of the ambitious undertaking of the developers, stages do not have a clear-cut deadline and the project will adapt to the time frames as it sees fit.

A Country Well-Poised to Receive Tourists

Costa Rica has been shaping up as a hotbed for tourism of the recreational kind. Casinos are steadily gaining traction amid legislation that has decided to take a dovish approach. Some 3 million tourists visited Costa Rica in 2017 and 50{c118e36310c7bc75bef8f724f80ee0a52cfaf44be22f7e80906142f4c81518da} of those came from North America.

With a major reshuffling of the casino landscape in Nevada, the United States, Costa Rica may prove an exotic getaway allowing gamblers to satiate their appetites for the exotic and testing the fortunes.

Meanwhile, tourism in Costa Rica continues to improve with Q1 2018 registering a 6{c118e36310c7bc75bef8f724f80ee0a52cfaf44be22f7e80906142f4c81518da} uptick year-on-year. Tourists coming from North America have soared up 11.4{c118e36310c7bc75bef8f724f80ee0a52cfaf44be22f7e80906142f4c81518da} and Europeans have been coming in droves at 14.2{c118e36310c7bc75bef8f724f80ee0a52cfaf44be22f7e80906142f4c81518da}.

The future of Costa Rica’s gambling industry is not limited to the development of the Moín property, but it will certainly be a significant boost.