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PokerStars Launches PokerStars Play in Australia and the US

PokerStars’ parent company, The Stars Group has recently announced the launch of its new social poker games in Australia and the United States. Titled “PokerStars Play”, the new social casino game will give players in both jurisdictions the opportunity to play online poker once again. The company’s expansion bid is currently focused towards the two [...]

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Women in Poker and the Women’s Poker Summit

World Poker Tour (WPT) has been changing a lot. The organization that hosts it has been a staunch supporter of the game worldwide. It has helped poker gain recognition and the company has been actively pursuing a course whereby the game may become more popular and ultimately more accessible. Now, it’s focusing on female players. [...]

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PokerStars Releases New Game Unfold

PokerStars has decided to make clean breasts and reveal its latest game. Promising to capture the fancy of its players, the Unfold is upon us. The company has definitely been quite successful in coming up with new and exciting ways to keep us entertained. Unfolding Poker’s Most Exciting Aspects As is the wont of PokerStars, [...]

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The Boons of Online Poker and Shared Liquidity

Online poker has long been the preserve of all poker pros. Surely, we get enough live actions, coverage, and dedicated commentators unearthing the mysteries and subtle aspects of the beautiful game, as we call it on our pages. Still, there’s more to do for poker’s well-being. A growing number of supporters are now of the [...]

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New Jersey Poker Revenue Go Up in June

After the excitement of the offline events has settled, it’s time to look at how the online poker market performed. It would be hard to give an accurate estimate of the entire segment on the grid, that’s why we will focus on New Jersey first. The state managed to benefit a fair lick from the [...]

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PokerStars Shelves Showtime Hold’em, Hints at New Game

On Monday, PokerStars removed Showtime Hold’em, a specialty game, from its cash game lobby, a move that was quite disappointing for some but came as no surprise. This change was scheduled as it something that the online poker operator has done a number of times before. PokerStars introduced Showtime Hold’em in May. At first glance, [...]

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Spartan Poker India Finishes with a Winner

It has been a rather dry spell in the aftermath of the WSOP’s main with players deciding to take a long-deserved holiday and not be bothered much with competitions. It’s quite understandable. After the grind of the fast few months, everyone feels at least a wee bit entitled to some laying low for a while. [...]

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Betfair US to Rebrand as FanDuel

The legalization of poker in the United States and the game’s chances of branching out to the online segment are all rooted in the successfully go-ahead for sports betting. This is exactly what’s happening with FanDuel Group, or at least partly. The newly-fledged company is now pushing for a more diverse portfolio, with sources reporting [...]

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Caesars Said to Have Bribed Japanese MPs

Japan has been on the cusp of legalizing its gambling industry and dragging poker in its wake. However, new allegations have surfaced against one of the main proponents of the burgeoning industry in the country. Caesars Entertainment, the Asia Gaming Brief has reported, may have tried to illegally influence the outcome of the future gambling [...]

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