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Award-winning actor, director and screenwriter Ben Affleck has recently been on a wild night out, involving alcohol and poker. For any other A-lister, this would be a regular night on the town, but the news has gone viral to Affleck’s ongoing battle with alcohol addiction.

According to TMZ, Affleck was caught on camera, stumbling out of the UNICEF Masquerade Ball in West Hollywood. He was then spotted at a poker table in the Commerce Casino, where bought in for $20,000 in chips.

He was only at the table for 12 minutes. He managed to snag a $1,500 win and left right away. Generally, in the poker world, this is called a “hit and run” and it’s against etiquette – but, that’s not the biggest issue here.

Is This A Relapse?

Ben Affleck has been struggling with alcoholism for quite some time. In August 2018, he entered rehab for the third time. It’s unfortunate that he’s backslid this weekend, but he’s acknowledged it and stated that he won’t trigger a pattern of behaviour. The next morning, Affleck told paparazzi:

“It’s a slip but I’m not going to let it derail me.”

TMZ also included a statement from a source close to Affleck. They noted that he could “slip up from time to time”, and that his problems with addiction aren’t “simply behind him”.

This echoes what Ben has said about alcohol addiction in the past. In a March 2019 interview on The Today Show, he says:

“I think a lot of people look at addiction and say, ‘It’s over, he did it. It’s like cancer, he’s cured. He’s done.’ But it is a lifelong battle for you”.

While it is alarming that Affleck was caught falling off the wagon on camera, he acknowledges that it’s not a sign he’s lost control. Fans and fellow celebs are wishing him the best and hoping this is a one-time thing.

Ben Affleck’s Poker Career

Most people know Ben Affleck for his achievements in Hollywood, but he’s also well-known in the poker world. In addition to being a talented actor and director, Affleck has also made some big moves as a poker player. While he primarily plays in cash games, he has competed in some prestigious tournaments and even landed in first place in the 2004 No Limit Hold’em event of the California State Poker Championship. He has even competed in the World Series of Poker.