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On August 12, the kick off of the Asian Poker League, will take place in Beijing, China, with a party similar to the ones at the club scene in Ibiza. The SPL invested to create a party like no other, DJs, rappers and hot models were invited in a bid to capitalize on the growing popularity of poker across the continent.

To start the event off with a big bang, the APL has employed DJ Kisoo, Show Me the Money Rappers Haehae and KIttiB and Bambino and Buldo.

Poker in Asia

Poker is growing as an industry across Asia and a big sign of that is the use of big name acts. The Asian Poker League is also using this big event as a way to make its mark on China.

Since early 2000, when the poker boom happened, event organizers like PokerStars have thrown extravagant parties for luminaries and players. In 2014, for example,  the EPT Barcelona enjoyed the performance of one of the world’s leading DJs, Roger Sanchez. Having a DJ of Sanchez caliber perform in a poker event, was a testament to PokerStar’s financial standings as well as the poker industry’s image.

In recent years, the use of celebrities and international DJs to create a ‘cool’ party vibe at poker events, contributed greatly to the industry’s growth.

New Image

For China, fostering a positive image around the poker industry is very important, given the legal issues around poker last year.

It was a PR disaster, when the local authorities shut down PokerStars Nanjing Million Events Event. A successful event by the APL would help raise poker’s credibility in China again and contribute for the organisation of more poker events in the future.