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With Twitch shaping up to be a much-preferred option for poker aficionados, it’s small surprise that casters, semi-professionals, and the occasional fan of some skill are all lining up to jump start their own channels and preach to the masses the art of poker. Go back a decade or two and you wouldn’t get this openness and readiness to share tips and tricks from the kitchen, but as the best in the industry soon realized – personal skill was just that – you could advise someone, but their success was contingent upon them alone.

Arlie Shaban – An Ambassador in Team Run It Up

Today, Arlie Shaban has never doubted that joining Team Run It Up is a good idea. The Canadian poker streamer, who is perhaps best known for his 1,000 hours of poker over a period of 125 days, definitely has what to bring to the table.

Already an ambassador, Shaban is going to spread the good word for the Twitch channel and organization. Shaban is also on Team RIU where he will be active, particularly at the October’s Reno meet-up.

The story of Shaban is rather simple, too. Growing up in Claremont, near Toronto, he graduated from Brock University with a degree in business communications. Following graduation, Shaban had a period in which he travelled and held down part-time jobs. At some point, he realized that poker was something he liked and was somewhat good at.

He set his visor on Twitch, admitting that he had known that the segment was top-heavy and difficulty to break into. Shaban, though, devised another way to make it to the top of the streamer’s list. Instead of focusing on being the “best” or “funniest” streamer, he had decided to go with marathon streaming.

His reasons? Shaban apparently always loved playing long-hours and grinding. He decided to log 1,000 hours in 125 days and it seems to have worked.

Somerville Notices Shaban

Since Run It Up had their established presence on Twitch, it was small wonder that they quickly found out about Shaban. Somerville has been in touch with him and managed to bring him on board. Meanwhile, Shaban has been sponsored by RIU, which has prompted the player to comment that it was a dream come true.

He has been actively representing his new sponsors, too. In May, he made his first steps into RIU Reno where he managed to score three cashes for $1,400 in cash prizes. Shaban has been also continuously paying his compliments and appreciation to RIU, commending their hard-working staff members and dedication to making poker popular.

He has said on several occasions that he is honored to actually work with RIU and the opportunities that come from the partnership.

With Shaban officially on the team, he is the latest addition RIU has notched. RIU is determined to continue and expand its operations on Twitch and continue to add to its operations. Meanwhile, Twitch remains one of the best places to watch live poker action around the clock even though the platform tends to change often.