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Poker has developed into a game that is more than just reliant on luck. In fact, it also requires skill in order to accumulate winnings in the long run. What you have to understand before playing the game is that poker has requires strategies.

Mike McDonald had an idea when he started PokerShares. PokerShares is an online staking website that allows you to get a percentage of the player’s winnings.

Maureen McCarthy is a 57-year old Canadian who happens to be a PokerShares member. What she later proved was that her venture in the world of poker was quite profitable. Though many would question her decision to choose poker as her post-employment venture, she was able to make almost $40,000 in just three or four months.

Players Reduce Their Stakes

Players often times reduce their stake in the game by selling action to fans who are also looking for an investment. PokerShares was started by Mike McDonald, who is a Canadian poker player who accumulated a total of $13 million winnings in live action. For him, the website’s goal is to bring poker fans closer to their favorite poker players.

MoMac630 in PokerShares

McCarthy was first introduced to this kind of venture when she caught Jason Sommerville’s Twitch channel. And since she was already a poker fan, she took Sommerville’s advice and applied it to her own favorite game. There were even times when she participated herself in poker tournaments. In fact, she made her way making it to the 2013 WSOP Seniors Tournament.

She goes by the name “MoMac630”. And now, she is a celebrity in the Ontario poker community. MoMac630 was one of the very first accounts made on PokerShares. When she was still a beginner, she would admit that she was simply throwing darts hoping that she wins. However, after some time studying and doing her own research, she figured out exactly what is needed in order to gain money from the site.

I had a decent sized bankroll at the start of the PokerStars Turbo Series and thought, let’s see what I can do with this. My goal was to cash out $10,000 and have my first five-figure score.  Like every good poker player, I record my bets and review my play, and I’m starting to see patterns and refine my play

Her First Win

During her first real win with Lex Veldhuis, she bought 10% for a $530 Bounty Builder tournament. This purchase gave her over $1400. However, she didn’t stop. She has collected up to almost $40,000 and that includes a $17,000 winning just a few days ago. Just last month, a $38 bet was able to provide her more than $3100.

McCarthy is the prime example of what is possible in the world of poker staking. And yes, the money is out there for you to win. But of course, this doesn’t mean that you can easily do it without any problems. You will still have to do your homework. You will have to make sure that you also don’t get discouraged by the losses.