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When play resumes today in the WSOP Main Event, two of poker’s biggest names won’t be in the field. Michael Mizrachi is among the 2,176 who are.

For a poker player the day you bust is the saddest day of the year, and even more when this is in the Main Event. This is what happened to Negreanu and Ivey yesterday over the course of Day 2C after they fell short in stacks.

Negreanu lost a flip with nines vs AQ and Ivey couldn’t hit with in an open-ended straight flush draw. So far, the poker action for both poker heroes.

Day 3 today- will however welcome back another 2,176 players. The entire pack is led by chip leader Valentin Vornicu (Day 2A/B), who is followed by Michael Mizrachi, two-time $50k PPC champ and Day 2C leader Gustavo Lopes.

Phil Hellmuth Makes It

The Main Event yesterday wasn’t the end for all of poker’s Big 3.

Phil Hellmuth move on with 82,300 after strategically milking his short stack in order to survive the day after starting the day with the biggest stack of the Big 3.

Mizrachi ended in the Top 10 overall after building a big stack and finishing the day with 545,400 chips. He won some big pots over the last two levels.

Of course, Mizrachi could be a potential threat to his opponents at the final-table as he knows what it takes to survive the Main Event marathon, as former November Niner.

Kristen Bicknell, Tony Dunst, Liv Boeree and Ole Schemion were among the other notables to run up a stack on Day 2C.

Day 3 today Top 10 heading combined- field:

  1. 838,600- Valentin Vornicu
  2. 630,700- Gustavo Lopez
  3. 587,000- Raffaele Castro
  4. 586,000- Jamie Shaevel
  5. 573,000- Alvaro Lopez
  6. 571,900- Rafael Moraes
  7. 570,200- Albert Daher
  8. 558,000- Ramin Hajiyev
  9. 549,400- Michael Mizrachi
  10. 546,800- Chad Power

The money will be most likely hit early on Day 4 tomorrow with 1,011 players being paid.