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The attempt to wipe regulated online poker in the US off the face of the earth hasn’t pleased Sheldon Adelson to say the least.

Online poker is a game of skill and Adelson even talks about online poker as a cerebral pursuit.

The casino guru, Adelson, also gave his opinion about daily fantasy sports, in an interview with Yahoo Finance. He insisted:

“Some say poker is not gambling. Poker is gambling”.

It even gets worse.

He continues:

“They say poker is a game of skill”. I don’t know how skill can apply to somebody shuffling a deck of cards and randomly giving them out to you. You don’t have any control over it. Can somebody bluff and can somebody place bets better than somebody else? Yes, But that doesn’t make poker a game of skill”.

Brian Rast: “Hey Sheldon, waz up”?

Adelson’s opinion of poker and the skills that is involved of course counters arguments from the poker world.

The poker players who ranks seventh on the ranking of most earning players with $17,7 million in gross tournament earnings, Brian Rast could find an edge on the sphere.

He offered Adelson a deal so he could put his money where his mouth is:

“Hey Sheldon Adelson, waz up? tweeted our here at the mogul. “Poker is a skill game. Don’t believe me? You’re a billionaire, I’m not close. Let’s play HU 4 2 million each”.

Rast decidd to sweeten the pot after four minutes of considering the matter.

“In fact Sheldon, my man, I’ll pay you 500$ 2 play 100 bb freeze outs for 2 mil, so if poker isn’t a skill game u earning and can prove me wrong”.

City of Light

We can’t imagine Adelson actually manages his own social media account, so most likely he won’t even get back to Rast.

He’s probably making the final touches and overseeing the opening of the Parisian Macau, the opening of his new $2,7 billion casino resort.

Any mega-donations won’t go Rast way any time soon. Nevertheless, props for Rast on offering a beautiful game of poker skilled action.