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CardsChat have long been a powerhouse in the world of poker. With their continuous involvement and excellent coverage, the media & tournament host has had quite the reach in the poker community. Not only have our colleagues from CardsChat been quite the noteworthy news agency, but have they equally helped the game’s popularity increase. They are now adding Jeff Gross as their new ambassador.

From Humble Origins to a Powerhouse

Launching back in 2004, the news outlet has steadfastly garnered popularity, bringing breaking news coverage and quality reporting. They have reached a milestone of 250,000 people and continued to grow right after WSOP bracelet winner Ryan LaPlante had decided to come and help the organization grow. But the outlet’s main design was quite different than being a simple news media.

They wanted to help people learn the beautiful game and Mr. LaPlante seemed to be right on point with this. Now, it’s another professional from the highest echelons of the game that CardsChat are eyeing as their new emissary. Enter Jeff Gross, the 32-year-old poker pro who has managed to rake over $3.20 million from live tournaments and is now going to spread the good word and help rookies fly.

Mr. Gross’ own achievements are quite noteworthy in their own right, too. He managed to tackle a $400,000 tournament and also landed third in the $100,000 Seminole Hard Rock Open High Roller event back in 2013. In other words, Gross has been around poker for as long as he remembers.

Gross has also been a notable figure in PokerStars where he has managed to acquire around $1.4 million in online tournament play and is one of the most revered players to ever sign up on the platform. In addition, Gross is a dedicated Twitch streamer, and as you may have guessed – poker again plays a huge role in what he does.

Meanwhile, he did consider a career in soccer, but after a brief spell, he had decided that poker is somewhat better.

Ambassadors Who Matter

The world of poker has seen quite a few people sign up for the role of an ambassador. Maria Konnikova has been one of the most notable representatives of this trend, writing dedicated books about poker and turning out to be a pretty agile and diverse player herself.

The role of poker pros is to spread the popularity of the game and also attract more members while inspiring by their personal example. Gross has definitely been doing much of that owing to his own dedicated website, stream, and attitude.

On top of that, he’s a polite and respectful player, unlike the notorious Mr. Helmuth who knows how to ruffle the feathers of his fellow gamers and even casual bystanders.

CardsChat have done well deciding on attracting Mr. Gross as their new ambassador. With his popularity only slated to grow, he will definitely manage to attract a new crop of players. Gross doesn’t tutor players in person yet, but this is one of the responsibilities he may assume in future.

Either way CardsChat have a real winner in the face of the laidback Mr. Gross who is streaming day in and day out, coming victorious competition after competition.