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Jeep, Poker Central Partner for High Roller of the Year Award

Jeep has officially become the very first sponsor of the Poker Central’s High Roller of the Year award, a partnership that has very many people excited. As expected, it is set to be a gamechanger for the award especially considering how popular both brands are. Now, the Jeep High Roller of the Year award is […]

U.S. Poker Open Returns in February, 2019

Poker tournaments in the United States are quite the common sight. Some are already institutionalized as indelible part of the country’s identity whereas others are only beginning to gain traction. The U.S. Poker Open is an event that is only now shaping up as a major pow-wow. U.S. Poker Open Is Back Again The second […]

Poker Central Adds Twitch as a Streaming Partner

Poker Central has signed a new partnership with Amazon-owned and eSports-focused platform Twitch. The company’s intentions are not difficult to divine. Poker Central will try to reach out to a young audience with plenty of disposable income. A move that seems to be gaining traction across the world of poker, with the latest addition of […]

Poker Central’s ARIA High Roller Player of the Year Award

Poker Central has decided to inaugurate rake-free-free high roller event which will whet the appetites of established players. The next season’s ARIA High Rollers will have a freshly-coined recognition known as the ARIA High Roller Player of the Year award. High rollers have been particularly popular daredevils in the field of gambling. They have contributed […]