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After a four-hour showdown at the HPT Meadows Main Event, Calvin Snead, pushed his way to the top, grabbing the HPT Trophy and $61,080 in cash. Not only that, but Snead is going to use the $3,500 prize package to participate in the HPT Championships in St. Louis – a decent showing for the player.

Snead is not a big name around the poker scene, but he sent ripples in his own way. Electrician by profession, he has been an avid poker aficionado for a while now. His biggest cash out, however, was $12,000 until now.

Snead was ecstatic with the victory discussing his success. Day 1 and Day 2 had clearly started off on a good note for him and he managed to build momentum. Having won out of the tournament, he felt even more confident about pursuing his career in future.

The runner-up, Greg Raymer is also another name from poker. In fact, Snead had previously had the pleasure to watch Raymer player on TV – and there he was at the Meadows Casino, besting one of the players he respected and admired.

The Final Action Was Worth the Watch

First to go was Thomas Gustovich, a bit of a shadow in the world of poker. He walked away with $6,618 to his name, which was a decent amount nevertheless. Next to go were both David Santucci and Mike O’Neill who both had come head-to-head against Raymer. The runner-up definitely left them no chance.

Next to go was Frank Bonacci who had the good fortune to make it to the third place and walk away with $25,452 from the pot – a good amount all the same. Bonacci is from Pittsburgh, PA, same as Snead – and most other competitors.

With the game coming down to the final pair, all people present were pretty sure that Raymer would seal the title effortlessly. He even had Snead on the ropes for a moment there, but an unexpected ace sent Snead to the top and practically sealed the game from that moment on. It was definitely a smooth sailing for Snead in the final minutes.

Other locals also had a crack at the pot, though they didn’t come past fifth place. David Santucci, a local from Monroeville, PA, managed to climb to $13,999. Bill Dopico finished sixth claiming $11,453, and then there was Bobby Noel and Mike Iacovo who both claimed 9,545, and $8,017 respectively.

Finishing the tournament, Snead was all stoked to take on Raymer in another tournament. ‘I can’t wait to play against him again,’ he said. Hopefully Snead will now be making his name in poker and the HPT Championships – next stop is in St. Louis.