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When it comes to loyalty and VIP programs, most online poker rooms tend to focus more on rewarding their casual and recreational gamers. Not PartyPoker though – the leading online poker room has taken a rather different approach where instead of completely focusing on the low tier games, it targets the high-volume grinders. To further this agenda, the poker room recently unveiled a new tier called the Diamond Club Elite that would become the highest level of its already impressive VIP program.

The Diamond Club Elite which went live at the beginning of February rewards the qualifying players with cashback of up to percent in addition to offering them several additional perks including live event packages. At about the same time that PartyPoker unveiled the new tier, it also rebranded its lottery-style Sit & Go Jackpot to “Spins” and introduced a $1 million edition of the games with a $5 buy-in, all signs that gaming on the platform is about to get even more interesting even for newcomers.

The Terms

The new tier is, of course, very exciting to think about but players who are planning on being part of it certainly have to keep a few things in mind. First, interested players will have to opt-in for the program by emailing the poker room directly after which they will be required to contribute a minimum of $200,000 in rake over a 12-month period.

To begin with, the players who opt-in for the Diamond Club Elite will be awarded a ticket to MILLIONS Online worth $10,3000 as well as a $16,000 VIP package to the MILLIONS World in the Bahamas. PartyPoker also celebrated the launch of the program by giving two of its players a chance to win a 100 percent cashback until January 31, 2020.

There will also be rewards along the way to assure players that they are on the right track. For instance, the member of the Diamond Club Elite will be awarded $10,000 cash once they contribute $100,000 in rake. This will then be followed by a $20,000 cash bonus once the members contribute the entire $200,000 rake target.

Before the new tier was introduced, the highest level of the poker platform’s VIP program was the Diamond Club which offers a 50 percent cashback for contributing $100,000 within 12 months.

Players Battle It Out

As it stands, PartyPoker regs “SunnyBooy” and “sp0ubledy” have both already contributed a fourth ($50,000) of the designated $200,000. The two players have both been playing mid-high SPINS as they pursue the Black Diamond Elite status. However, the players are allowed to play any game they wish from the PartyPoker catalog of games in order to reach the goal.