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Louisiana is planning to legalize online gambling. Could this mean that you could already be playing online poker in the state? The bill was introduced by Senator Daniel Martiny. It comes together with separate efforts in order to legalize both sports betting and daily fantasy sports.

In fact, the online gambling legislation that has been introduced in other states is quite different. The Louisiana bill S 322 means that online gaming still depends on a parish-by-parish basis that will be decided via voter referendum. This means that all new forms of gaming in the state will need to pass a referendum vote.

Each Parish Has to Decide

Simply put, parishes in the state will have to make up their mind whether they want online gaming referendum on the ballot. And in order to come up with a decision, a majority vote is actually needed. And there is just one simple question that has to be answered” “Shall internet gaming be allowed to be conducted within the parish of ______”.

How Soon Can They Enjoy Online Poker?

If you are looking to enjoy some poker games online, you will have to wait for another two years. According to the state, the soonest Louisianans would be able to enjoy some online poker shall be January 1, 2020. The bill states specifically that “Section 2 of this Act shall become effective on January 1, 2020”.
Does it sound quite too long from today? In reality, the referendum will be taking place by November of 2018 which means that it isn’t actually too far. It also has a viable timeline in case there is a need to launch online gambling.

Resembling Other Bills

The Louisiana bill already resembles other bills from other states. For instance, In order to play in an online casino and be a poker patron, you will need to be 21 years of age. And also, your location should be within Louisiana.

In addition to this, Louisiana Gaming Control Board as well, as the gaming division of the office of the state police, will publicize all the necessary rules in order to administer and regulate online gambling.
And lastly, Louisiana is going to give licenses via LGCB that would be applicable only to the riverboat and land-based casinos.

Things You Have To Know About the Bill

So what are the things that you will have to know about this bill so far? For one, the bill itself is just four pages long. This means that the bill is most likely far from being finished. There are also still some areas that need to be discussed by the bill. For instance, both taxation rates, as well as licensing fees, weren’t discussed by S 322.

What the bill looks like is more of a conversation starter. Its function looks more like a discussion that will allow the topic to be heard and behind closed doors.

It is also worth mentioning that the bill discussed what online gambling is. It said that:
“’Internet gaming’ shall mean any variation or composite of an authorized game that is offered through the internet, provided that such games, or variations, or composites, are found suitable for use by the board and any other game which is determined to be suitable by the board. The term includes gaming tournaments conducted via the internet which players compete against one another in one or more games authorized by the board or in approved variations or composites thereof if the tournament is authorized by the board”.

Though there is no specific instruction on how regulators will address online gambling in general, this bill shows potential to how online poker could actually become a reality in the state of Louisiana.