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Although he claims that Bill Clinton’s accusers of sexual assault are telling the truth, Mike Matusow says the women accusing Donald Trump of it are liars.

Since more than 10 women have come forward to accuse the Donald of sexual assault, Matusow, the Mouth, has been using his smartphone to bash Hillary Clinton and support Trump’s campaign.

Matusow is still confident that Donald Trump hasn’t sexually assaulted women regardless of the leaked video from 2005 that shows Trump is condoning such behavior.

Matusow received a tweet from Brian Hasting in reference to these alleged sexual assault victims:

“Now they have others supporting them and maybe even money from media to come forward and benefits > costs for them”.

Whether he was or wasn’t in the room when the alleged criminal acts took place, he didn’t mention, but the Mouth did respond:

“They are all lying period!! Been paid by msm to create narrative”.

Matusow argues that the women all waited until a few weeks before the election to come forward and so that they are lying.

However, it’s fact that many other accusers of many other convicted sexual predators only come forward until years after the fact. Look for example at the accusers of Jerry Sandunsky.

Acknowledging Sexual Assualt Victims

Wherever the accused victims are telling the truth or not, Mike Matusow doesn’t know. Only the accusers and Donald Trump know. Matusow is however being insensitive to sexual assault victims, according to some people on his Twitter page.

In 2002, University of Iowa basketball coach, Steve Alford, stood up for star of the team Pierre Pierce. Pierce was accused of raping a player on the women’s basketball team. Oddly enough, the woman ended up deciding not to press charges and Pierce was never convicted.

“Three years later, Pierce was arrested for sexually assaulting another woman. This time, he was convicted and sent to prison. Alford was never embraced again by Hawkeye fans after sticking up for his player”.

If Alford simply not tried to intervene, the second incident could have been avoided, according to the people of Iowa City.

Katie Hnida came forward in 2000 and claimed a teammate raped her. She only came forward four years after the sexual assault action but says to have a reason for it:

“I didn’t want to come forward, the violation of rape is so severe that your entire sense of self shatters, your agency is taken away, everything is violated”.

She will certainly agree with a woman that had harsh words for Matusow who acused the women of lying:

“Many sexual assault victims wait years to come forward and some never do. Just imagine how they feel when you say this crap”, @larrymcg