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It has been a strong few months for online gambling, and not only, across the United States. We have repeatedly spoken about the scrapping of PASPA, the piece of legal bugbear that has kept gambling’s sibling – sports betting, at bay for a long, long while. Things, however, may finally be looking up.

No, it’s not because the repeal of the sports betting ban has really helped make the case of online poker for example, but still, there have been some very palpable and bold attempts to do away with the mores of yore.

The Three States Come Together for Online Poker

New Jersey’s decision to join the existing multistate online poker network has been quite auspicious. NJ has been hobnobbing with Delaware and Nevada for a while now, but the actual participation in the common poker push has been a much-coveted reward.

This has had its positive effects not only on the states and their loyal poker audiences, though. One particular operator, Caesars, has seen a boom in its revenue, shouldered by the expansion of poker operations.

Well, small wonder there since Caesars is caterer to the poker needs of both Delaware and Nevada. Meanwhile, four new states are pushing for the expansion of poker, and we may see new kids on the block fairly soon.

A New Beginning for NJ

The addition of New Jersey to the Multi-State Internet Gaming Association (MSIGA) was most welcome from the vantage point of financial results alone. Caesar-owned poker websites, including WSOP NJ, WSOP Nevada, and 888 Poker, have inched well ahead of PokerStars NJ and even Borgata!

Not only that, but users seem to be withdrawing from Borgata and favor a network that first started as a combined gaming specialist before putting a strong emphasis on poker. Observers definitely have all the reason to be concerned, but it seems to cut both ways.

Put plainly, 888 Poker has an unbeatable traffic, but that’s because the website manages to tease customers with many small treats and extra goodies whereas PokerStars remains firmly focused on the beautiful game itself.

However, PokerStars manages significantly better when it comes to attracting the best players and handing out the best cash prizes. Not so much because the organization coughs up itself. Simply, the best players around the globe appreciate the opportunities PokerStars create for them and choose to be more actively involved with it.

The Full Implications for Online Poker

Many of you may think that this rivalry may prove pernicious for either or all the parties involved. We think quite differently. First, 888 poker is a combined operator, meaning they are pushing for all forms of poker (including video poker) and every product of the iGaming (read online casino) inudstry.

With this in mind, the gambling climate across the three states will be changing a lot, depending both on federal and state legislation. But the bottom line, if there’s such, is that you, the user, will have to make up your mind where to play. The good news is that you won’t find yourself in shortage of choices.