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Nebraska has had some very strict laws regarding gambling activities for decades, but that could soon change. A new bill could make it legal for players across the state to play online poker and daily fantasy sports while engaging in sportsbetting.

The new Games of Skill Act (LB990) is a new legislation that has been introduced by Senator Justin Wayne. This bill would make it legal for residents of residents of Nebraska to enjoy taking part in fantasy sports, poker and sportsbetting by classifying all of them as games of skill rather than games of luck.

“Certain poker games also require knowledge and skill. While poker does have a random component in the cards that are dealt to participants, there is more skill than chance necessary for successful participation in a game where strategic decisions influence the other participants and ultimately the outcome of the game.”

– a statement from the bill

If the bill is passed, Nebraska would become the seventh state in America to legalize online poker. It would join New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, West Virginia and Delaware, further spreading the expansion of casino games across the United States.

It is also hoped that this would make way for the online version of these activities, as that would be the natural progression. It is the way that most states are going, and it would make sense that Nebraska would make its new legalized casino games available online as well.

One of Several States Legalizing Casino Games

Nebraska isn’t the only state looking to legalize poker this year. Over the course of the past few weeks, lawmakers in New York and Kentucky have made similar moves.

In New York, we’re seeing lawmakers revive bills S18 and A4924. Both of these bills aim to make online poker legal in the state. While they were first introduced years ago, state legislators want to put them forward again, as it seems as though they may actually have a possibility of passing this time.

Kentucky legislators have a bit more ambitious plans, as Bill 137 has more concrete guidelines in place. Proposed by Andy Beshear, the bill would make way for online poker, sportsbetting and daily fantasy sports. It proposes a licensing fee of $500,000 and a renewal fee of $50,000. Tax rates have also been specified.

While all of these states are at different stages of the legalization process, it shows that the United States are adopting a more liberal attitude towards casino games – both online and land-based. So, it’s certainly going to be an exciting year for the gaming market.