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Poker tournaments are always fun to play and watch but some times players get a raw deal when they burst their money bubbles. This is not only very frustrating but it also has a significant negative impact on the players’ hourly rates since they have to go home without a dime. To make it even worse, it may happen even after several hours of gameplay.

Natural8 is looking to fix things up in this regard through the debut of their new, industry-first feature for tournament players. Referred to as the Bubble Protection for early birds, the new feature is not only completely free but it also insures players against the pop of the money bubble. In essence, the service protects a player’s buy-in in case they end up bursting their money bubbles – this means that players no longer have to walk away empty-handed.

Natural8 has made the activation of the Bubble Protection feature very easy and it has been made available to everyone. All that the players need to do is to check if the tournament that they have their sights set on has the feature and make sure that they register before the first hand of the tournament is dealt. As such, being an early bird means that you are guaranteed of free protection on the money bubble. To make it even better, Natural8 has gone a step further by increasing the number of places before the in-the-money finishes and this will be dependent on the number of entrants on any given tournament. Here is a brief overview of the Bubble Protection list:

Number of Entrants Bubble Players
10-99 1
100-499 2
500-999 3
1,000-1,999 4
2,000-2,999 5
3,000-3,999 6
4,000-5,999 7
6,000-7,999 8
8,000-9,999 9
10,000+ 10

More Goodies This Summer

In Addition to the new feature Natural8 has many more promotions and perks that the customers can enjoy this summer. First, there is another Rush & Cash promotion, that is, the $100,000 Drop Race which will begin this August. As always, this drop race will have players seeking out golden tables for a chance to walk away with huge cash prizes.

There is also the $200,000 Omaha Summer-Special. Here, a total of 500 Pot Limit Enthusiasts will get the opportunity to take home a slice of the $200,000 prize money – the first place will be the most coveted as the winner will get to walk away with a whopping $15,000.