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The WSOPC Sydney Opening Event continues, and people are already making it to the final nine places in the defining showdown.

WSOPC Open Event’s Leaders Already at the Felt

The WSOP International Circuit Opening Event saw an impressive turn-up, with 1,444 entries plunging into the event in the hopes of securing a victory. As the prize pool stands, players will be able to divvy up $650,000, but the question remains – who will walk away with the bulk of this impressive and yet elusive amount?

There are quite a few competitors who stand a chance as a matter of fact. Malcolm Trayner managed to finish the December 1 opening salvo with 45 blinds to his belt and a total chip count of 4,535,000. This was a respectable amount indeed, but not nearly as impressive as Jun Wang with his 54 big blinds at the time and 5,425,000 in pure chip count.

The numbers were quite impressive indeed, and the leaders were far ahead of the rest of the competitors, including Alex Falon with his 3,340,000 who came close with 33 worth of big blinds at the time of reporting.

Shan Jiang and Chu Ong were both tied at 15 big blinds with Chad Awerbuch following them with 14. Johnathan Hargrave seemed to top the “small leaders” with his 19 big blinds worth of chip count. More players appeared to have a good number of big blinds, although probably not as may to compete with Wang in an all-out fight at the WSOPC.

The Action of the Day

Many good competitors were tossed out of the competition, caught between the rapid fire between some of the most skilled players present. Stan L. was among the first to go as he tried to take on Jun Wang but failed, helping Wang cultivate his stack to the impressive 50+ big blinds.

Making sure that Wang wouldn’t win the race is a tough undertaking, too. It will most certainly require the other leaders on the table to try and bite into his stack of chips, an undertaking that, if considered an end in itself, might just guarantee Wang the victory.

Instead of going after him all out, players need to bid their time and use strong cards to narrow down the advantage of Wang, but with him being a savvy player himself, he’s unlikely to undertake unnecessary risks.

Wang has managed to amass a modest bankroll worth $31,000. Even though this is not as impressive as you might expect from someone who leads with a staggering number of big blinds at the final table, it’s still decent. A victory at the WSOPC Sydney Opening Event, though, could quickly mean a change in fortunes for him, with estimated $110,000 going in the way of the winner.