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Estonia will host an interesting event, providing players from the world over an opportunity to rake in profit if their skill allows them. The Cash Game Festival is hitting the capital, Tallinn, from November 21 through November 25.

Estonia hosts the Cash Game Festival

The Cash Game Festival will be returning back to Estonia, the country which welcomed it when the event first kicked off. The festival was very active in the capital, Tallinn, in the past, and it now looks like the competitive tour is returning to the Northern city. As a result, the Cash Game tour will be held at the Olympic Park Casino from November 21 through November 25.

In its history, the tournament made significant stops in Estonia, back in 2014 and 2015. The following three editions of the tour were held internationally with several stops at different locations between 2016 and 2018.

The Cash Game Festival is one of the most intense poker events which features 5 days packed with gaming. Estimated 120 hours will be allocated to actual gaming, with the stakes accommodating both players who are on a budget and those who seek to play through with bigger amounts.

It helps to know that flagship brands, such as 32Red and Unibet support the event with qualifying events that will now send winning players to Tallinn and afford them the opportunity to add even more significant amounts to their bankroll.

This year’s edition will focus exclusive on Texas Hold’em, changing the shift from previous editions when the organizers experimented with Omaha and more exotic variations of the game.

The Success of the Cash Festival

Because of its more laidback structure, players who haven’t had as much experience playing at the highest competitive level will have an opportunity to prove themselves at the festival.

The competitive events themselves will be quite accommodating with players allowed to play for as little €1/€2 and registration is quite simple, and can be done ahead of the event online.

All of the events will be broadcast via Twitch with a delay so as to avoid cheating and the hosts have asked Christin Mäemets to cover the commentary. Mäemets is definitely not without experience in providing top-shelf coverage of events, having helped with the Cash Game Festival in Bratislava.

The Cash Game Festival is not just a competitive pow-wow, however, it offers an open structure that allows players to mingle and socialize, create contacts, and pursue further poker opportunities. It’s not unlikely to find sponsorship, too.

Players coming from the qualifiers will also be invited to a special VIP dinner along with other planned festivities that would allow everyone to get to know each other ahead of the actual poker action. The hospitality packages can also be purchased by anyone interested in finding out more about the competition ahead of the planned kick-off, too.

Returning to Tallinn, the festival is again back in one of its most successful hubs. With major brands, such as 32Red and Unibet supporting it, this year’s Cash Game Festival is expected to draw huge crowds from the world over and the entire continent.