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Cryptocurrency market is already mainstream to the point that there are already different industries finding utilization in blockchain technology. Now, would expect that there is an increasing number of online poker companies that are exploring the crypto market?

Cryptonia Poker
is another venture that involves blockchain technology. It is an online poker room that was built for poker players and crypto investors alike.

The Cryptonia Poker poker room is going to operate using a new digital currency that will be called Cryptonia. Similar to other companies that have explored the possibility of cryptocurrencies in online poker, Cryptonia is an Ethereum-based platform. It is planned to have 1 billion Cryptonia tokens in circulation.

Maximized Return to Players

The plan is to maximize the returns of the players. This means that 75% of the tokens will be distributed via the ICO. The next 22% will still be used for players during promotional tournament and activities. The 22% will also be used in order to ensure that the digital currency maintains a healthy value.

And as for the remaining five percent, it will be distributed to both advisors and investors of the poker team. This way, this can keep them motivated in order to work hard and to ensure that the platform reaches success.

Security Aspect

One of the things that make Cryptonia different is its security aspect. Using blockchain technology, Cryptonia’s platform is expected to offer fair play and can even prevent delays especially when it comes to payment. And this is good news for players. And potentially, this aspect alone can increase the number of users in the near future. And lastly, Cryptonia offers absolute transparency considering that it is backed by blockchain technology.

By the time that the first part of the plan is initiated and a tournament has been scheduled, Cryptonia will readily offer attractive guarantees that can pull players into their platform. And because of this, Cryptonia expects that the price will also rise.

Rakeback Scheme

What exactly is the Rakeback scheme? Cryptonia is already planning to return 35% of the rake every month. This will then be added to the jackpots, tournament guarantees, and bounties. This will motivate players to even play more and to add liquidity within the poker room.

In the next months as the community grows, the variant games will increase. There will be a 24/7 schedule to get gamers going from different parts of the world.

Huge Expectations

There is a huge expectation on Cryptonia. In fact, it is expected to hit $59.79 billion by the time 2020 enters. And with the help of the Cryptonias digital currency, this will help players who invest and win. Keep in mind that the company also expects the value of the Cryptonia to grow.

The Ethereum-based cryptocurrency is expected to shake things up as players will have the ability to add and even withdraw the funds without any problem. According to Cryptonia Poker, the Ethereum-based contract will comply with ERC20 in order to ensure that the transactions will be carried out “with ease of mind”.