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We have all dreaded the inevitable. With the Triton Poker Series done and dusted, all that was left for us was a few weeks or even months of solitude. And some professionals have welcomed the opportunity, hightailing it to an exotic location where they can enjoy their labors. However, has other plans for the season.

WSOP Again in the Center of Excitement

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is throwing its second Coast to Coast Classic this Friday, August 3. The event has already committed over $1 million in guaranteed prize money spread across 36 events.

It’s no small affair either, and you can expect the event to stretch all the way from August 3 through August 12, offering some high-paced action in the process. Hardly all, though, as the Coast to Coast will pull a magnet for the poker pros hungry for action from the states of Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey.

Why? It’s called shared liquidity and all states have been enjoying it immensely. As a result, interest in events such as the Coast to Coast has been waxing.

A Few Good Dollars

But the Coast to Coast is more than it’s touted to be. The Main Event will provide the significant $250,000 in guaranteed prize money, owing to over 520 participants, all spoiling for poker action in the dead of the season.

WSOP won’t be dishing out bracelets, but whoever manages to distinguishes themselves on August 12 will walk away with the Champion’s Belt and a pile of money. Apart from the main event, there will be other battles worth fighting.

On August 5, we will witness the Sunday Special, which will come along with $100,000 in guarantee prize money and a considerably lower buy-in at $320, allowing even more gamers to join.

If you are aching for the good old-fashioned high roller action, rest assured that you have nothing to be worried about. A $1,000 high-roller pow-wow is slated to begin on August 7. Even though the guaranteed prize pool is lower at $85,000, the cumulative amounts are expected to be respectable.

Freerolls by the Handful

Just to build some excitement, as if we weren’t hyped already, WSOP is also going to dish out freerolls at the same time the Coast to Coast Classic II is taking place. All members who register will obtain a $10 tournament ticket which will come along with seven Freeroll Tickets.

These tickets may only be used at special earmarked event. The luckiest you are, the better your chances of obtaining a $320 tournament ticket are. Joining the heavy guns of poker in a light manner is certainly not a reliable way to guarantee yourself a shot at the big money, but it could be a fun opportunity to transform your brief holiday into a lucrative affair altogether.

The schedule for the freeroll events is generous. You will have a chance to obtain tickets and participate from August 3 through August 9, every evening at 9:15 PM. A shot at the pot is all you need.