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Doug Polk Is Retiring for Poker

Poker professionals come and go. Some leave a mark, others step out of the competitive scene bringing home a solid sum and are neve heard of again. However, Doug Polk is too big a name to just slip out in the shadows without the community noticing. And yes, Polk is officially retiring from the game. [...]

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David Peters Wins 2018 Poker Masters @PokerGO Event

David Peters has had one hell of a year. After a few low-key tournaments Peters joined the 2018 Poker Masters @PokerGO fray and came out victorious, notching himself up a healthy $200,000 in the way of proceedings from the tournament. Way to stack up your winnings, David! Here’s what happened. David Wins the PokerGO Tournament [...]

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Nurzynski Wins EPT Barcelona Main Event

The European Poker Tour has elected its new winner, with Piotr Nurzynski winning the 2018 Main Event. The Polish player managed to overcome a pool of 1,900 + entrants, routing everyone in his way. Here is what happened. Defeating Goliath – How Nurzynski bested 1,900 People The EPT Barcelona €5,300 Main Event has reunited a [...]

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Two More US Players Win Platinum Passes

PokerStars continues to dish out Platinum Passes for its upcoming PokerStars Players No-Limit Hold’em Championship that will be held in the Bahamas in January, 2019. Apart from the European winners, there have been two new names to win the desired Platinum Pass in recent days. Platinum Pass and $30,000 for the Bahamas The Platinum Pass [...]

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Eibinger Leading in EPT Super High Roller, Barcelona

The EPT Barcelona is taking place right this moment. A number of events have already concluded and quite a few lucky winners have been able to take home significant cash prizes. Now, Austrian poker pro Matthias Eibinger is preparing to take on nine other opponents and win the €100,000 Super High Roller. Eibinger Leading in [...]

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Arlie Shaban Teams Up with Run It Up

With Twitch shaping up to be a much-preferred option for poker aficionados, it’s small surprise that casters, semi-professionals, and the occasional fan of some skill are all lining up to jump start their own channels and preach to the masses the art of poker. Go back a decade or two and you wouldn’t get this [...]

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Phil Siddell Wins Sydney Low Pot Championship

Low-profile player Phil Siddell has managed to add a title to his name, and that’s just brilliant. The newly-crowned champion of the Sydney Championship $550 Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) tournament is quite content with his victory, modest as it may have been. With a rather decent turnout the competition was held at the Star Poker [...]

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Wilson Lim Manages Victory at APPT Main Event

With the APPT Manilla Main Event now completed, we have seen Wilson Lim carry on to the top and defeating 1,364 competitors who were just as eager to grab $243,324 of the total cash pool. Lim’s success was not a mere begging of the fates. He managed to pull some stellar plays and transition from [...]

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Fox Wins $50,000 Super High Roller Game

Elio Fox has been making a name for himself in 2018. Perhaps he is not the most prominent player out there right now, but he’s one that has amassed solid riches out of playing live action poker games. Mr. Fox’s commitment has led him down a path to yet another victory and that is itself [...]

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Run It Once – Which Way to Go?

Remember Phil Galfond’s ambitions to stream? Broadcasting live poker is not all that strange, come to think of it. In fact, it’s rather easy to understand why content is becoming king in the poker industry. We ourselves can think of a few reasons. The sport is growing in popularity. Is it wrong to call it [...]

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