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The legalization of poker in the United States and the game’s chances of branching out to the online segment are all rooted in the successfully go-ahead for sports betting. This is exactly what’s happening with FanDuel Group, or at least partly. The newly-fledged company is now pushing for a more diverse portfolio, with sources reporting that they will purchase licenses for slot machines and table games for a New Jersey online casino.

A Tumultuous Past

Both FanDuel and DraftKings have been trying to disassociate themselves from gambling for a long while now. The Daily Fantasy Websites tried to pioneer many successful undertakings, including the rather zanny eSports Daily Fantasy betting.

Even though the company, i.e. FanDuel, has been vehemently denying to have any ties with gambling, evidence would suggest that they are now exploring all possibilities to enter the online casino segment.

As part of its new ambitions, the website has been undergoing a change of its brand so that it may show a new face for the day of actual adopting of its new license. The website has been acquired by Paddy Power Betfari, and the hopes are that it will expand into online gambling and racing.

Betfair Takes the Floor

According to former CEO Kip Levin, Betfair has long been discussing the possibility of using FanDuel as a leg-up for the development of sports betting. FanDuel has, in fact, a running facility in New Jersey and the brand has been expanding across New York and West Virginia as well, where the segment is still rather debatable at best.

Betfair US has now assumed the name of FanDuel Group in order to drive better customer acquisition and to make sure that existing customers will not be confused by the sudden change in names.

As plans for sports betting are still nascent, no clear deadline has given for online poker as well. Online poker has usually been put on the backburner because operators stand to make a far lesser profit when comparing with other segments of the iGaming industry.

Online video slots allow for operators to add a substantial profit whereas any and all poker activities only have to do with a minor fee on the total pot, which doesn’t’ amount to much.

With this in mind, it’s understandable that sports betting will take precedence over any similar activity, and we will long be seeing operators try to get a foothold in the online gambling and sports betting segment first. FanDuel Group will use GAN, a software developer to integrate their sports betting platform.

Poker Is Not Doomed

Poker, however, is not doomed, despite the mild headwinds it has been experiencing. The immediate returns for poker hosts are of course not quite obvious, but as the game’s popularity grows, media rights are becoming an ever more appetizing perspective.

Before long, brands will be signing up to flash their logos at the crowds who have gathered, or more likely, are streaming the latest poker action to make sure that they are not missing on the good stuff.