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The Winning Poker Network has come under fire for the way it has dealt with a number of important issues affecting players. The increasing presence of bots and underpayment of rakeback on WPN has angered plenty of players, who are eagerly waiting for the company to address these problems and clarify how it plans to fix them.

The Persistence of Bots

It was back in 2018 that players on the Winning Poker Network started complaining about seeing more and more bots at their tables. It took quite a while before WPN responded but eventually announced that it had shut down a bot ring based in Eastern Europe.

However, players have reported that they haven’t seen any change in the number of bots. In fact, some players have stated that there is at least one bot seated at every table they join – while others have claimed that they have seen up to four bots at the same table at once.

While it has been a problem for quite some time, it only seems to be getting worse. It would spell danger for the Winning Poker Network if players begin looking for other destinations to play poker online.

There are plenty of online poker networks that are taking action against bots, and they have been quite successful in their endeavours. WPN could certainly learn a thing or two by taking a look at the example that partypoker has set.

Issues with Rakebake Payments

On top of the issue with bots, the Winning Poker Network has also been accused of short-changing players when it comes to rakeback. This particular issue dates all the way back to May 20, when a software update caused a problem that resulted in players not receiving the correct amount of rakeback cash. It’s now five months later, and it has still not been resolved.

In September, over half of the network’s rakeback was not paid out, and players have started to speak up. It was in July that WPN announced that the issue would be corrected but there hasn’t been any improvement, and it only seems like more rakeback is being withheld.

Players on poker forums are beginning to make a lot of noise about the issues on the Winning Poker Network, but the company has yet to respond. If WPN wants to save its reputation, a statement should be made soon to address players’ concerns about both rakeback and bots.