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With the APPT Manilla Main Event now completed, we have seen Wilson Lim carry on to the top and defeating 1,364 competitors who were just as eager to grab $243,324 of the total cash pool. Lim’s success was not a mere begging of the fates. He managed to pull some stellar plays and transition from the short-stack to the undisputed leader, several times, reports have said.

Lim Storms the Finals

With Day 3 of APPT Manila having seen only 41 people make it to the later stages of the race, Lim kept his cool and kept playing with apparent consideration. His reward is much greater than the $243,324 he has just added, Lim managed to get himself a $30,000 PSPC Platinum Pass, allowing him to participate in more poker action based on merit alone!

The Platinum Passes are a hallow token of appreciation in the world of competitive plays and most players try to get a free entry into the competitions in a bid to save on their bankroll, but also as a matter of pride. Skill alone should be enough to get them into a competition.

Meanwhile, Lim had a fairly tough final table when he had to meet with his opponent from China, Yuan Chao Li. With unadulterated Eastern perfection, the pair battled it out until Lim finally took the upper hand and managed to clinch a victory, relegating Yuan Chao Li to second place for $149,334.

The tournament itself wasn’t ungenerous. Places 1 through 9 all got a varying chunk of the total prize money, which indicated the goodwill of the hosts to encourage the game, players, and ultimately greater interest in their own product.

Looking at the finalists, the following picture revealed itself:

  • 3. Bin Zhang – $89,019
  • 4. Samuel Welbourne – $64,500
  • 5. Jian Ho Huang – $43,487
  • 6. Sebastian Wong – $31,217
  • 7. Daesoon Kang – $26,276
  • 8. Kenny Shih – $22,606
  • 9. Jun Zhou – $19,305

A Quick Shed

The event may have featured an overwhelming number of players, and the low entry fee definitely helped to that end. However, it was rather the loose playstyle that has led to the dropping out of so many players at such a rapid clip. Lim was reportedly slipping on several occasions, but he quickly recuperated and plunged back into the fight without any further reason for worry.

Lim found his feet and push on steadily against the narrow pool of players and the growing pot of money. He managed to mostly stay in the shadows, winning the majority of his hands when he was the last man to stay in the game against a equally-determined opponent.

Not too late in the game, Lim managed to overcome his fellow rivals on the final table and fetch himself the big title and the respectable prize money.

The organizers may be proud of their tournament. It’s one of the most accessible in terms of money and rules. The event is only likely to grow past its current numbers as poker’s popularity is growing at a rapid clip throughout the world.