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Winning a WSOPC ring is a big deal. And when you see your roommate and competitor get one, you immediately want one for yourself. Now, roommates Josh Reichard and Mo Nuwwarah have managed to put any trouble of jealousy behind their backs by the simplest possible solution – winning the rings at the same day.

World Series of Poker Circuit in Horseshoe Hammond

The Horseshoe Hammond WSOPC event carries on at full bore in the fringes of Chicago. As the event continues, everyone is anticipating the $1,700 Main Event, which will determine the best player on the premises. Well, until next time in the very least.

The stories that we hear from the world of poker are indeed quite diverse, but what happened on Tuesday is int he very least notable. Mo Nuwwarah, an established poker journalist and his roommate and close friend Josh Reichard managed to enter the Chicago competition and both walk away with WSOPC rings on the same day.

For both of them, the challenge was quite overwhelming, but they managed to keep their end of the bargain and pushed through. Nuwwarah faced off notable players, including Michael Hanson, and it took them three hours to conclude the game.

However, in the end, it was Nuwwarah who managed to emerge victorious from the drawn battle. On top of his reporting, Nuwwarah has now successfully added another notable title to his name.

Managing to outpace the competitors he clinched a definitive victory in the Horseshoe Hammond $600 HORSE Final Table . Nuwwarah walked away with $14,008 to his name and of course – the desired ring. As a result,his winnings now stand at $91,066.

Joseph Reichard Carries On

It was then up to Reicher to claim a victory of his own. Participating in the $400 NLH Monster Stack event he had his eyes set on the prize. And what a prize it was indeed! With 554 contesters for the big money, the pool has swollen to $182,820, making it quite the tempting sum to play for.

The Monster Stack Final Table featured 9 established professionals. Reicher, though was the one to crown the event and taking not only the ring home, but also $38,392 with him. Not a bad catch by any measure.

Of course, there were quite a few competitors who wanted to break in the front lines and Reicher saw himself pressured by the likes of Simon Philip and Byron Ziebell who finished second and third respectively.

Having made it so far, they had little to complain about, managing to walk away with respectable sums on their own. The entire Hammond poker pow-wow is quite impressive by itself.

It runs from October 11 through October 22 and offers varied competitions day in and day out. The buy-ins range between $400 – $600, and up to $5,300 for the High Roller events within the festival.

The victory of Reichard and Nuwwarah is definitely something we as observers can be happy about. We hope Nuwwarah will continue to stay on top of his profession and not switch to poker gaming full-time at the expense of his reporting.