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Looks like Floyd “Money” Mayweather is set to cash in again – only this time it will not be at a poker table or in the ring. The undefeated 11-time boxing world champion has signed a deal with the world renowned social casino game developer, Playtrex, and distinguished mobile game publisher, Hero Digital Entertainment to be the promoter of “Wild Poker,” a play-money mobile poker app. “Wild Poker” is often defined as a ‘mobile social casino adventure game’ and it offers a nice twist of the popular no-limit Texas hold’em poker game. Players get to choose from a decent selection of animal characters including a lion, a shark, a dog, a chimpanzee and a giraffe among others. After he was signed to present the app, the list of characters was updated and now players also have the option of using Mayweather as a character in the poker game.

During the Tuesday press release that officially announced that Mayweather would be venturing into the social poker game, the former boxer expressed a lot of excitement in being part of the team behind the ingenious game saying;

“As soon as I saw Wild Poker, I knew I wanted to become part of it. I’m constantly asked to put my name on stuff, but Wild Poker is different than any game I’ve ever seen. It’s poker, but it goes to the next level. There’s a whole new level of strategy with the power-ups. It’s a cutting-edge game, this is that next thing, and like everything I put my name on, Wild Poker is the best ever.”

Floyd Mayweather has always been choosy about the promotion deals he signs onto partly due to his $1 million baseline sponsor entry fee that has always seen him land some of the best promotion deals in the planet. From the looks of it, the Wild Poker team handed a million dollars or more to get him on board – especially considering the fact that “Wild Poker” despite its growing popularity is still considered to be an unproven startup. Daniel Kashmir, the Playtrex CEO, however, had different opinions;

“Our mission with Wild Poker is to evolve the social casino genre to make it more fun and appealing to all types of players. By adding Floyd as a presenter within the game, it shows that we are committed to providing game experiences that can’t be found in any other social casino game.”

“Wild Poker” is available for download on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store and it features some exciting features including a “special skills” feature that allows players to adopt the traits of the animal character they are playing as. For instance, a player can use the giraffe’s elongated neck to snoop around and see opponents’ hands. This feature particularly offers an exciting, fresh and unique twist to classic no-limit hold’em.

Instead of gambling with real money, the poker game gets a little out of the players through in-app purchases that are meant to improve a character’s chances at the poker table. Other than that, the game still exhibits the traits of a typical role-playing-game with character development options, decision making in real time as well as power-ups. Also, the ability to unlock and play with new characters as you go to higher levels makes Wild Poker a great pass time for poker lovers.