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The new gambling venue will occupy the two-level 100 000-square-foot Bon-Ton store at Westmoreland Mall in Hempfield Township. A well-appointed gambling facility by design, the casino will host 750 slot machines and 40 table games.

It seems that Cordish Companies are taking decisive steps towards executing on their project. In the first half of 2018, the company paid a $40 million fee with a view to obtaining a gaming license and give a start to the ambitious project. Shortly after it bought the former Bon-Ton store housed in Westmoreland Mall.

The company has already performed the necessary footwork to apply for a license and the application is currently up for consideration. Whether or not such will be issued is now in the hands of the Gaming Control Board.

Company’s spokesmen disclosed that the mini casino will resemble the already up and running Live! Casino & Hotel in Hanover, Maryland. The Hempfield project will not necessitate starting building from scratch, but rather integration into an already existing complex. The two-level property should provide ample space for the company to showcase its design creativity.

In close proximity to the casino, there will be a 2500-square-foot F&B zone with bars, refreshment stores and all the rest. Mr. Lamb indirectly mentioned there’s something really special in store for the future visitors. The exact layout of the center is yet to be disclosed

The Meaning of Cordish’s Investment for Local Economy

Though country and state have welcomed Cordish’s multi-million project, not everyone is looking forward to the casino’s opening. Some residents have put forward strong opinions about the effect an emerging gambling facility might have on a social level.

On paper, the mini casino should become a fully functional unit by the end of 2019. The bulk of Cordish’s investment ($81 million) is meant to benefit the state and local communities. Nevertheless, this costly enterprise will create jobs openings for both construction worker and staff. A $7 million share of the $131 million is allocated to covering those expenses. Estimated 710 full-time construction workers will be needed to finish the project. Cordish representatives say that hiring locals will be a priority.

By the numbers, state economy should prosper spurred by the influx of money, but Supervisor Dough Weimer revealed a totally different side of the potential impact. Increased crime and traffic are among the issues he’s most concerned with. Tracing those issues to the core problem shows that according to Dough Weimer Hempfield simply don’t have the capacity to sustain a gambling facility of this caliber. The public sector employment seems to be not developed enough to face the challenge.

Addressing the points made by Weimer, Cordish official representatives stated that they will do their utmost to work in close cooperation with the mall security and local police, ultimately guaranteeing visitors’ safety.

Despite the fact that Cordish’s Pennsylvania endeavor is widely accepted, attendees of the public hearing proposed that a referendum should deliver the final verdict.