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Not much is going on around poker this weekend bar a few noteworthy events. One of those is the 2018 Caribbean Poker Party which comes with $10 million in guaranteed prizing money. Quite the substantial amount, really. And it’s Chance Kornuth who’s leading the pack.

The 2018 Caribbean Poker Party Goes On

Chance Kornuth is currently leading in the 2018 Caribbean Poker Party, the tournament endorsed by partypoker, a popular card room and brand. He has every reason to be content with his achievement, as the event promises a significant prizepool to the tune of $10 million. The sum itself is quite worth fighting for, but it also comes with a $25,500 entry-fee, which is quite difficult to catch up to should a player loses his grip along the way.

As a result, the interest was somewhat subdued, although 77 players had found their way clear to the opening day and participated in the $10 million event running a slightly less stringent buy-in at $5,000. Chance Kornuth managed to outpace all of his competitors, however, amassing the respectable 3,800,000 chip count at the time of reporting.

Kornuth did not have an easy run at it. He found a worthy opponent in the face of Fedor Holz who put up a good fight throughout most of the competition. Holz was quite determined to rob Kornuth of his cheap lead but fell short of the mark. Unstoppable and unstopped by any opponent, Kornuth continued to build his stack unchallenged.

It’s not entirely strange that Kornuth would take such a significant lead over any opponent. In his career, he has managed to amass $6 million through tournament earnings alone. His attitude does suggest a player who knows how to behave at the felt, but also one who is perfectly aware of how to defeat any opponent.

His largest victory to date has been $641,000 from live action, but his situation may be looking to improve significantly, if the event indeed swings his way. Some readers can be familiar with Kornuth from before as he has been an avid Twitch streamer, building a solid following and revealing many useful tips and tricks quite readily to appeal to a larger crowd.

The event itself was quite enthusiastic. With 1,000,0000 chip stack per player, high rollers were late to the party as is their custom. Naturally, everyone played tentatively, even rather defensively, with Isaac Haxton establishing himself as the chip lead at the beginning.

Although Haxton was overtaken by Kornuth this wasn’t enough to completely knock him off the leaderboard, with Haxton finishing second. At the time of the reporting there were quite a few people standing tall at the felt.

The final five in terms of chip count included Andreas Eiler from Germany with 3,645,000 in total chips and Steffen Sontheimer from Germany with 3,055,000. Fifth came Francois Billard from Canada with 3,010,000.

The World Poker festival includes more events, naturally. On 12 November, there will be a super high-roller event with $50,000 entry level followed by $250,000 Super High Roller Championships that will kick off the day after.

With this in mind, the partypoker-backed festival is quite the event to behold. Players who are not averted to risk and have the necessary skill will certainly want to try their hand at it.