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Upcoming Legal US Poker States

Is Poker Legal in California?

Online poker is finding its legal way to California.

Since just after the dawn of dinosaurs, California’s road to legalising online poker has been rocky at its best, full of let-down and obstacles, at times coming across up to six online gambling bills a year since 2008 and, frankly, failing miserably.

But not all hope is lost. California has long been at the heart of the world of poker from its frequent high-rolling tournaments to cult reputation across the globe and everyone from residents to senators are not stopping at their effort to regulate online poker in California.

In short, California will regulate online poker. As for when that will happen, however, the jury is still out. California is widely seen as one of, if not the leading contender in any class for the positive effect that regulating online poker will bring the state’s economy, not to mention its existing culture.

Alternative forms of online gambling such as horse racing are currently available but the one thing you can definitely bet on, is that California is well on its way to being regulated.

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Is Poker Legal in Michigan?

Due to recent movements in Michigan’s poker industry, it looks like online poker, according to Michigan’s Senator Mike Kowall is about to become officially legal under legislation that legalises online gambling in Michigan that inclusively covers online poker, too. While not being Kowall’s first stab at the controversial issue, it is somewhat of a revival of a similar previous bill he introduced in 2016 that showed vague progress but quickly lost traction. Not anymore.

Last Wednesday, Michigan Senator Mike Kowall introduced legislation that would legalize online gambling in the state. The bill, SB 203, is about online poker but is open to including other forms of online gambling activity.

So who will be the fourth state to legalise online gambling?

We don’t want to count our eggs too early but at this rate, Michigan is positioning itself as an extremely promising contender having introduced this bill. Our best recommendation is to check out our full article below for a thorough breakdown of Michigan’s ups and downs, and watch for further news on how this legislation develops over this year.

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Is Poker Legal in New York?

While New York doesn’t have the same momentum as Michigan or California, Senator John Bonacic introduced S6913 followed by Assemblyman Gary Pretlow’s introduction of A09509 – two similar bills, both with the goal of authorising the New York State Gaming Commission to license limited entities the privilege of offering some particular versions of internet poker that require a significant degree of skill.

The pending amendment of the Racing, Pari-Mutual Wagering and Breeding Law could well give sufficient coverage to New York’s poker scene. Possibly enough—in fact—to spark discussion to their nearby neighboring states, just as it Albany, New York had done when Delaware and New Jersey legalized online poker in the United States.

Some of New York’s finest professional poker players including Dan Harrington have actually been raised through the halls of the card clubs which is a fitting background for the more recent development of Judge Jack Weinstein ruling for the case of poker being considered a game of skill.

So what’s the jury on New York being for or against online poker being legal?

It’s still in discussion with breaking updates appearing here first and one that we’re sure—like us—you wouldn’t want to miss right here.

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Is Poker Legal in Pennsylvania?

The rise and expansion of gambling in Pennsylvania has always been growing with the local media entranced in the state’s intent on privatizing the state lottery.

If Pennsylvania is ever going to offer any form of regulated gambling, it will likely be the lottery before anything but Delaware and New Jersey have offered to be catalysts for Pennsylvania’s decision to regulate online poker, if they ever do, and supporting pillars to turn the tables for the country’s stance on legalizing online poker.

Can you play online poker in Pennsylvania?

The short answer: Yes. BUT! … Although Pennsylvania state has historically been incredibly lenient towards their online gambling laws, online gambling sites are still strictly illegal to operate in Pennsylvania even though players are allowed to play on them.

The longer answer: Yes – have fun! In layman’s terms, although poker isn’t fully legal and regulated in Pennsylvania, residents can still legally play it.

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