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Cate Hall Doesn’t Owe $60,000 to Chad Power

Relationships between sponsors and poker professionals have sometimes been fraught. We don’t mean to cite the recent case with William Kassouf. The incident we have in mind involves the talent of Cate Hall, an established pro of her own making and a dashing figure at any final World Poker Tour table. She seems to be [...]

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Isaac Haxton Tops 55 Contenders in Short Deck #4 Event

The 2018 Poker Masters has had everyone excited. The honor of donning the Purple Jacket has definitely been quite the incentivizing thought for a great number of people who have been rather eager to distinguish themselves. There was a lot of heavy competition, too, including Maurice Hawkins who was the chip leader throughout most of [...]

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9Stacks Seems to be Stacking Up High in India

9Stacks CEO Sudhr Kamath’s latest forays with poker in India may have been rather belated looking at poker in general, but they are just on time when considering the nascent competitive industry in India. Running his company 9Stacks with a number of like-minded people, Kamath is looking to make a difference in the fortunes of [...]

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Tencent’s Video Poker Culled in China

We are all about regular poker. But the culling of the Texas Hold’em video poker game in China is definitely to be rued and even though it doesn’t affect the big tournaments at all, it’s still a loss for the poker community. Tencent Holdings’ iconic game had come under the blows of the Chinese government [...]

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PokerStars’ Upcoming Short-Deck is a Game Changer

PokerStars have been changing the world of the namesake game for a fair while now. Through free-passes at grand tournaments to introducing varied and interesting variations of poker, the host has been doing its best to popularize what appears to be a favorite past-time, give it an official competitive status, and overcome all the unpalatable [...]

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PokerStars Has Awarded Over $4.5m in Premium Passes

PokerStars has been a bright star on the landscape for poker action. Nobody would be able to deny the organization’s leadership position. Of late, we’ve been chatting away about the Premium Passes on more than one occasion. Today, though, we want to shed a wee bit more light on the matter. Generosity or Skilled Marketing? [...]

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Pollak Wins €50,000 Single-Day High Roller Event

The 2018 PokerStars European Poker Tour festival has been going on at full bore. One after the other, victors emerged from the fray and multiple events that the competition offered. Today, we pay attention to Benjamin Pollak, the professional who managed to tackle the single-day high-roller event. Here’s how it all happened Pollak and the [...]

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NYT: Konnikova’s Long Game

Do you remember Maria Konnikova? The young researcher who has turned a love for science into a love for cards. Luck has always fascinated her. And so, she wanted to write about it. Luck, she argued, was pure randomness. She may have been right at the time, but as she started studying the cards, it [...]

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GVC Holdings, MGM Resorts Strike $200m Deal

News that MGM and GVC are entering a new partnership dedicated to sports betting has sent the stocks of the latter well past their normal average. With the rapidly churning changes in the United States, this new joint-venture will offer a fresh take on sports betting, bringing more competition and overall influencing the sector in [...]

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Kevin Hart and Antonio Esfandiari Will Also Box

To be honest, poker can surprise us in so many different ways. Did you know, for example, that a player who started with Magic: The Gathering collectible cards has managed to amass a respectable amount playing the game online and popping off for the occasional offline tournament? Yes, poker is intriguing, crazy, and slightly unexpected. [...]

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