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Partypoker Returns with a License in the Czech Republic

Partypoker seems to be advancing its operations at a good pace. Despite a minor snag hit during the Caribbean Poke Festival, elsewhere the company stands tall. Now, a newly-acquired Czech license adds to its successes Bringing Poker Back in the Czech Republic In 2017, the online gambling law in the Czech Republic began reformation, which [...]

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PokerStars Releases VR Globally, Liv Boeree Finds It Great

Photo Credit: Flickr Following a successful closed test, PokerStars is now releasing its Virtual Reality solution for a broader audience. The VR version of the game promises to augment the experience for every poker aficionado out there. This announcement comes hot on the trails of the newly-released Omaha/Hold’em Fusion version of the game. PokerStars’ VR [...]

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PokerStars’ Fusion Hits the Shelves

PokerStars continues to introduce one new game after the other. However, Fusion seems to be a temporary solution for the platform, which is focused on diversifying the player’s experience. This doesn’t make the game one iota less fun, though. PokerStars’ Fusion - From Announcement to Release Back in June, a respected poker outlet first suggested [...]

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Slotland’s iGaming Arm Releases New Version of Poker

Online poker is dominated by respected brands such as Partypoker and PokerStars. In a press release, a Bitcoin-based operator, CryptoSlots, has announced plans to introduce its own poker offer accepting cryptocurrencies. CryptoSlots Poker Offer Comes to Live CryptoSlots is adding a new version of poker called “Double Bonus Poker”, which will be played with five [...]

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Absolute Poker Scandal Finally to Be Settled in Full

Fund loss resulting from the Absolute Poker scandal back in 2007 may finally be compensated, the Garden City Group (GCG) has revealed. More players will be offset for the poker fiasco that took place over a century ago. Absolute Poker and the Existence of the Master Account The Garden City Group (GCG) is the organization [...]

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GP Eagle Cup II Enters Final Week

Following several days of poker action, The Global Poker Championships of Global Poker is finally looking at its end days. However, the success of the event hardly means that it won’t be returning for yet another year in future! Last Days Action of the Eagle Cup II The Global Poker Championship of Global Poker is [...]

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Deaf Poker Australia (DPA) Topped by Alisha Wormald

The Deaf Poker Australia (DPA) event concluded electing a winner. An event that carries the weight of years, this poker pow-wow has been one of the most significant competitions intended at deaf poker players in Australia and possibly worldwide. Deaf Poker in Australia and the Professionals Who Play It The Deaf Poker Australia (DPA) has [...]

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PokerStars’ Negreanu and Boeree to Play with Chess Pros

Poker is often, if not always, touted as a game of skill, analytical thinking, and well – plain old strategy. Now, there have been many arguments to support or conversely – disprove both arguments. PokerStars Ambassadors Negreanu and Boeree have decided to give their cerebrum a mighty challenge by competing at chess. Castling of the [...]

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CardsChat Add Jeff Gross as Official Ambassador

CardsChat have long been a powerhouse in the world of poker. With their continuous involvement and excellent coverage, the media & tournament host has had quite the reach in the poker community. Not only have our colleagues from CardsChat been quite the noteworthy news agency, but have they equally helped the game’s popularity increase. They [...]

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