It’s only Day 3 of the $7.5 Million guaranteed XL Inferno Championships, and already there’s a Two-Time Champ!

Anteen, from Sweden, the first Two-Time Winner of the XL Inferno Championships.

It’s only Day 3 of the XL Inferno Championships and already there is one name that’s been on the headlines not once but twice! Anton “anteen” Bertilsson, hailing from Sweden, is XL Inferno’s first two-time Winner!

His first win came from game #10 $200,000 Whale on the opening day of the Tournament, where he came out on top of 334 players with a healthy winning of $38,700, 3rd highest Prize of the day.

He brought his A-game once again on Day 3 as he took to the highlight event of the day, #36 $500,000 High Roller. After competing for 11 hours, he eventually bested 221 players, including fellow Swede Daniel “R1valdo10” Erlandsson, to take home a sweet $116,974.

Also at the table were Kannwas and R1valdo10 who came in 2nd and 3rd places respectively. Kannwas cashed for an even $85,800 and R1valdo10 walked away with a cool $64,636.

Another exciting game that saw the winner walk away with the highest prize outside of the final table was Event #37 $150,000 Mini High Roller. The winner, Profided48 edged out in front of the other players, cashing out $44,273. 1st and 2nd runner ups were Ferdilicious and Nelisschuif, each pocketing $31,798 and $23,849 respectively.

Day 3 proved to be just as exciting as the 1st 2 days of the Championship, which resulted with some of the biggest winners of the Tournament so far.

Day 3 Winners

EventTotal PlayersPrize PoolWinnerPrize Money
#30 $10,000 Lighting 6-Max169$26,500AsaNisse4 (Sweden)$6360
#31 $15,000 Breeze555$27,750Magnf1cious (Lithuania)$5244.75
#32 $15,000 Deepstack Swordfish1007$27,692.50Rick78R (Brazil)$4,984.65
#33 $25,000 Crocodile392$58,800Pedro “gusma” Madeira (Brazil)$11,283.72
#34 $15,000 Swordfish923$25,382.50Ti0373 (Russia)$4,568.85
#35 $20,000 Monsoon873$43,650Conor “GodfryJONES” O’Driscoll (Italy)$7,857
#36 $500,000 High Roller222$572,000anteen (Sweden)$116,974
#37 $150,000 Mini High Roller845$244,600Profided48 (Russia)$44,272.60
#38 $40,000 Tuesday Challenge741$74,100starkinver$13,597.35
#39 $15,000 Tornado174$23,100psihodelik3 (Russia)$4,966.50
#40 $50,000 Turbo High Roller338$68,400Kurt “GiNgErSpEw” Fitzgerald (Costa Rica)

Day 4 Tournament Schedule

Once again, there will be a dozen events scheduled for Day 4 of the Championship. Make sure you don’t miss out on all the excitement!
Below is the Event Schedule for Day 4

Time (GMT)EventBuy-in
13.30 #41 $10000 Lightning 6-Max 109
14.45 #42 $15000 Breeze 55
15.30 #43 $15000 Deepstack Swordfish 30
 16.30 #44 $20000 Crocodile 160
 17.00 #45 $15000 Swordfish 30
17.30#46 $20000 Monsoon 55
 18.00 #47 $50000 8-Max 109
 18.00#48 $10000 Mini 8-Max 12
 18.35 #49 $35000 Wednesday Challenge 35
 19.00 #50 $15000 Tornado 109
 20.00 #51 $10000 Turbo 8-Max 30
 22. #52 $20000 Americas 160
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