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How to Play 2-7 Triple Draw Poker

What Is 2-7 Triple Draw Poker?

More commonly just known as ‘Triple Draw’, this game variation of poker pitches players against each other with the goal of producing the worst five card hand with the lowest poker value. Due to the nature of the lowball poker game, there is a maximum limit of six players per table.

The Basics of 2-7 Triple Draw Poker

An interesting mechanism with this poker game is that players can choose and discard cards from their hands as they wish to receive replacements from the dealer in hopes of generating a better or lower hand. There are a total of three rounds which a player can do this and a total of four opportunities for betting between these rounds.

Initially, each player is dealt five cards which is hidden from others and then the first round of betting commences where you will have the usual options to either call, raise, or fold depending on the previous player’s actions.

If there are still players remaining in the hand after the first round of betting, they now have an opportunity to draw. This means they can select anywhere from 0-5 cards and swap cards with the dealer. If you already have a strong hand you may want to hold or choose to ‘Stand Pat’ to scope out the movements of other players. Discarding occurs clockwise around the table until all active players have made a move. Once the first draw ends, the second round of betting begins with the first active player to the left of the button.

The betting structure is the same as Texas hold’em poker where the first two rounds of betting are in small bet increments whereas the second two rounds are in big bet increments.

This repeats until four rounds of betting and three rounds of draws is completed. For draw poker games such as this it is very likely that more cards are needed than in the initial deck if a lot of players remain in the final round. In this scenario, the cards are collected and reshuffled to form a new deck to draw from.

As with most other poker games, if more than one player remains at the end then they enter the ‘Showdown’ phase and the player with the best hand wins and claims the pot.

The Showdown

In determining the winner, suits have no power in the ranking of a hand so it is common to have two or more hands with the same value at the end of the game. In this situation the pot is split equally among all the winners. Please note, the ace can not be used as a high or low card, it is indefinitely the highest card in this variation of poker. Additionally, straights and flushes count against your hand.


Summary of Triple Draw Hand Rankings

In 2-7 Triple Draw, the goal is to make the smallest possible value poker hand. Two or deuce is the lowest card whereas ace is the highest card. This means a hand of 5 single cards with no special multipliers are the best thing you can create i.e. no combinations such as straights. In result, the ideal hand you can draw is 23457… But remember that if this turns out to be a flush then it becomes a totally different story. The second best hand you can draw is 23467 and the third best hand you can draw is 23567.

Below is a list of combinations in ranking order from best to worst:

  • ➤ [Rank 1] Single
  • ➤ [Rank 2] Pair
  • ➤ [Rank 3] Triple
  • ➤ [Rank 4] Straight
  • ➤ [Rank 5] Flush
  • ➤ [Rank 6] Full House
  • ➤ [Rank 7] Four of a Kind
  • ➤ [Rank 8] Straight Flush
  • ➤ [Rank 9] Royal Flush

Triple Draw Poker Tip:

Always aim for a Two (A.K.A. a “Deuce”). Starting out, having a Two—as mentioned in the game name itself—is a really good method for being able to draw. As you become more advanced, this technique can be benched for other approaches but for novices it’s a powerful tool in your arsenal.

Triple Draw Tips

As you may of guessed, for Triple Draw poker it’s important to learn every aspect of the game including all hand variations and ranks because all cards are hidden from view. This also means you need a strong mental game in order to succeed. Do not tunnel vision on only your own cards, but be aware of all the players on the table and their hands.

It is likely that you’ll find a lot of Triple Draw pokers players, particularly online ones, who don’t have a very good understanding of the game or think they’re playing well when in actual fact they’re not. Not that this is specifically for Triple Draw, but take every opportunity to analyze each round.

If you do this then you can setup a good hand and punish people with value bets even when they have very little chance of winning. Inexperienced players will not realize this and will continue chasing for a better hand.

A good way to get into Triple Draw or any type of poker game is to practice on play money online poker sites. You can find lists of OPA approved sites on our US Poker Sites Guide.

2-7 Triple Draw Poker Video Tutorial

If you’re more of a watch-and-learn poker player, check out the 2-7 Triple Draw poker video tutorial below: