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Anthony Zinno Conquers CPPT

On Wednesday, Anthony Zinno managed a victory at the Card Player Poker Tour (CPPT) Venetian Main Event. Zinno adds another distinction to his name after he managed, rather well, to set himself apart from the crowds becoming the CPPT Player of the Year back in 2015. Humble Origins, A Zinno’s Tale To think that Zinno [...]

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Player of the Year and Does It Matter?

WSOP’s Main Event has been exciting to watch. But who will become the world’s most cherished and valued player? Will Shaun Deeb retain his advantage or will he succumb under the skilled hands of his opponents? With the World Series of Poker (WSOP) now nearly gone, we wouldn’t mind seeing the most noteworthy players as [...]

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Michael Dyer Progresses to the Final of WSOP

Michael Dyer is a tacit pro. He doesn’t draw attention to himself. After all, what good would it be to signal everyone his inexorable march to poker glory and give his opponents enough time to adapt their strategy? Michael Dyer has been preparing himself for an event such as the WSOP Main, and he’s dangerously [...]

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Ali Fazeli’s Perfect Flop

Ali Fazeli’s wasn’t the perfect crime. There have been so many things overlooked in his plan that, in retrospect, it’s quite surprising that Mr Fazeli had even thought about pushing ahead with his plan. At first blush, Mr Fazeli had intended to buy tickets to the 2017 Super Bowl and then re-sell them to customers [...]

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Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey Drop Out of WSOP Main Event

Phill Hellmuth and Phil Ivey are two of the poker’s best-established names. Their participation in the 2018 WSOP Main Event had been expected with the utmost interest. Alas, they have been both eliminated rather prematurely. Here’s why and how. With 14 WSOP bracelets to his name, Phil Hellmuth is definitely a player to admire when [...]

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Ana Marquez and 888Poker, Phil Hellmuth and WSOP

888Poker has been per cent both in the United States and beyond. The brand has definitely done a fair bit to give yourself some exposure and make sure that more people find out about poker, and not coincidentally, 888Poker itself. They follow in the footsteps of PokerStars, a company which has been adding some top-notch [...]

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Gus Hansen Wins $1 at Bobby’s Room

Bobby’s Room at the Bellagio in Las Vegas is a hotspot for pricey poker plays. If you are short of high-roller action, you will certainly want to head over and join the fray. In any event, ‘The Big Game” is often running. You will have to cough up a fair bit to enter, though, between [...]

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Konnikova Becomes Official PokerStars Ambassador

Konnikova as captured by Maria Konnikova has become the latest PokerStars ambassador. The best-selling New York Times journalist has transformed her love for passion and research into a love for the game she has been researching. Maria Konnikova set out to explore and research poker having never played any card game in her life. [...]

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